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Smallest and Best 2.0 Speaker 200 or less

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I was wondering what the smallest and clearest sounding speakers with good bass may be?

I am replacing my Creative T10 which are not all that cleat and distort.


Any suggestions and I'd be greatful.

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The M-Audio AV40 are a good starting point for higher quality speakers, well above PC speakers.

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Anything smaller?

Maybe the size of the small Beatbox?

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Audioengine A2 powered speakers.



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I'd also like to know if there are any good suggestions~~ i never got to hear the audioengine A2, how do they compare to the likes of Bose MusicMonitor (299?) ? I hear focal has a new 2.0 out, but havent gotten a chance to hear it yet...waiting for black friday/thanksgiving/christmas whatever sale that might lower these prices~~etysmile.gif

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I ended up getting the Logitech Mini Boombox, in the reviews I heard it had better sounds then the Jambox. I was looking for something like a jambox. Small with BIG sounds but the Jambox distorts.

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you should buy M-audio bx5a at least, av40 is not enough for you or you may look for high model of altec lansing 2+1 speaker system.

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I second the Audioengine A2. I was a skeptic of the marketing hype for these and found the A4's to sound bloated and muddy so I dismissed the little A2's until I had them on my desk. I had been using the Swans M200s and loving them but because of their size I couldn't use them on my desk with a large iMac. It made meetings difficult by obstructing the line go site to whoever sits across from me. Because of that, I placed the Swans off to the side which wasn't optimal for listening to music. The Swans recently blew out in a power surge so I grabbed the A2's as a stop gap until I could fix or replace the Swans.

I was surprised at how great they sounded so I ordered the DS1desktop stands and the sound improved even more. I begrudgingly hooked up my Centrance DacPort and realized I didn't need to look any further for a "better" desktop system. The small size fit my desk and the sound is engaging. My philosophy is to not fix things that aren't broken so the A2's are now permanent.
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I still think one can do much better than the Audioengine A2 by going with separate components. My complete 2.1 desktop rig was well under $200 total for the speakers, amplifier, and powered subwoofer. With a 10" subwoofer, there's bass to spare. I don't know if you would consider the components to be too large, but I'm using a small desk and that is only a laptop with a 15" screen in the picture. The components are listed in my signature.


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Look into the Fostex Pm04 Theyre Better than the Audioengine A2

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I think you missed the part about small Stratocaster Man. wink.gif
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Was looking for something the size of the logitech boombox/jambox. lol

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if you want something that small, you should definitely go check out your local bose retail store~~ the bose musicmonitor is the most compact size for good music quality that i've heard...it will definitely blow you away as for the sound that could come out of that small box~~ i'm also looking into getting a bose soundlink II for my christmas present (an excuse to buy stuff) hahhahaha~~~

might i add, the soundlink II is gives u a much more rounded and richer sound than either big jambox or the solemate~~

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I checked it out I really like the sounds link. It's over my budget though. I need something that sounds good and will last.

I like my Logitech Mini BoomBox but it has very bad bluetooth connection. I rarely go to logitech for anything other then mice and this is the reason why. I never liked logitechs speakers of any sort as the sound sucks.


I like the sound with the logitech boombox but it doesn't connect too well(at least on Windows 7 Mac OSX works fine)'


The sounds link is awesome and it's the biggest size I'll look into but it's over my price range. I was hoping for a world of more options.. All of the speakers mentioned hear are way too big. I am looking for the small Jambox size or mini boombox size. I know advancement in technology have lead to smaller and clearer speakers. Just don't know where to find them. Please let me know, and thanks for all your help.

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Oh man, I don't mean to wake my thread.

The Logitech UE Mini Boombox didn't quite work out. For 100 they are ok but I have never been a fan of Logitechs sound but gave it a shot.



The  Bose SoundLink 2 is awesome, I was not really feeling the Bose computer speakers though. A bit too large at least the Soundlink 2 is not too big.


I looked at the Zvox 220 but they are out of stock everywhere. It is big but I could put my laptop and it's a single unit. Something with excellent sound, any other suggestions?

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