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In a few days I will receive my Colorfly C3. I am most excited about it, merely because of the threads here and the fact that i come from a iPod classic. Must be a giant leap for a starting audiophile. But to make that leap correct I am preparing to collect some high bitrate files. I found proper software to rip to FLAC and WAV (among other formats). Now, the C3 can handle 24bit/48Khz. My first question is, is it any use to rip CD's to this bitrate (only WAV btw), or is it useless since the original is 16bit/44,1Khz? And if so, what is the best thing to do, saving space and rip to FLAC or stay on WAV? Is there any quality difference to be aspected?

Another question I have involves DVD-A. I have a couple of discs of this type. I am looking for a ripping tool, more specific a Mac OSX tool. I cannot find a good one, but there should be I guess...


Btw, buying my Sennheiser HD239 was the first compelling step, a pair of wonderfull open cans (see my other thread).


Well I hope you can help me on my new way to perfection in portable music.