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Consumer reference systems?

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Hi guys. I need to know most used consumer reference system and try audio samples with them. I already have "good system". Now I would like to check samples (mix audio) on "most common used system". Con you tell me few please? Both Hradphones and Speakers. Fell free to share your opinion or experience if you want. Thanks in advance
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Consumers tend to use ipod earbuds and logitech 2.1s if that's what you're asking...

There's also always Skullcandy and Beats. The general rule is that they have a lot of bass, or they're the ibuds.

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Here's an interesting theory I've heard about mixing. Burn CDs of your mixes, and then try them out in every possible car you can. If you can try your mixes on as many different factory car stereos as possible, you'll have a pretty good idea of what they are going to sound like for an average consumer.

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Why not mix it on a properly calibrated set of studio monitors and let people with crappy stereos deal with it themselves.
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In you go that route, you could try some Yamaha NS10 monitors. Depending on who you talk to, they are either great monitors or terrible ones, but they have probably been used to mix more albums than any other monitors in recent decades. You can read about that subject here:


The Yamaha NS10 Story 


Yamaha's NS10: The Most Important Speaker You've Never Heard Of

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