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Alternatives to HD598

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Hi all,


Just getting into audiophile gear. After reading A LOT of threads on this board, I went with a pair of HD598s for home use which I absolutely love. Great soundstage, not too "forward", enough bass (depending on the song/source), mellow treble and just overall a great EQ balance. I know people have complained about the materials/finish, but the fact that they are lightweight make them super comfortable and easy to wear. Really like the fact that they sound great plugged in directly to my laptop.


I then went shopping for a pair to keep at work for use on a desktop and wanted to keep the budget low-ish, so I bought a pair of DT440s. Although it is early days, I find them uncomfortable to listen to for any prolonged period. They're heavier than the HD598s and way too bright. The soundstage feels more closed and everything is a bit too "forward" for my taste. I still have to let them burn-in (if that actually does anything) and have yet to try running them through a Fiio E10 or E17. They are slightly more tolerable if the EQ is completely flat.


Short of buying another pair of HD598s, any recommendations for other open headphones that have a similar sound profile and level of comfort? The Q701s?


I would up my budget (leaving my HD598s for work use) but want to spend $400 or less. I would be running them through a Fiio E17 on a laptop using Foobar + WASAPI. I listen to a ambient with and without vocals, chillout, pop (with and without vocals), and rock.


Thanks in advance.

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I'm in the exact same boat as you and I've decided to go with another pair of 598's for work.


Hope I can get a good deal for them though.

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@ Z3disD3ad - good to know I'm not the only one. Thanks for the input!

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