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Headphones not working on PS3/Xbox

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Ok, I am doing something wrong, I am totally new to headphone gaming. I am getting no sound from my setup! I am using my Koss DJ-Pro 100’s (they work great in everything else), Zalman ZM-Mic1 and a Dual 3.5mm to 2.5mm (PC35-Xbox360). I am using the exact setup mentioned in some threads (minus cheaper headphones) and I am not getting any sound at all in the makeshift headset. I even got the Syba SD-CM-UAUD USB Stereo Audio Adapter and tested it out on the PS3, still no sound.  The x-box adapter is a little loose too, anyone else deal with a loose xbox adapter? What am I doing wrong?

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I use two setups for gaming:


1.)  I use a pair of Turtle Beach X12 for XBOX gaming as they sound pretty good and more importantly can be broken without me feeling too bad.  These have to be plugged into my TV's audio inputs first then the XBOX left and right channels stack onto those.  The USB power must be plugged into the front of the XBOX to power the amp on the headset.  The mini-mini plug runs from the amp to the controller for headset control.  I have no issues with this setup.


2.)  This setup excludes the use of a mic, but gives much better audio quality.  I first run the audio outs from the XBOX ( red and white connectors ) to my TV.  I then run the audio outs or headphone jack from the TV into my TEAC amp.  Finally I plug a pair of my favorite headphones into the headphone jack and mute the speakers.


If you are getting no sound at all I suspect something pretty obvious that we should be able to help you with.


Would you please describe exactly how you run the connectors from your XBOX to your TV/Stereo and then how the signal from your TV/Stereo goes to your headphones?  Pictures may be useful as well.


From the looks of the Syba SD-CM-UAUD USB you plug that into a USB port on the PS3 and then plug your headphones into the green jack on the Syba.  You then run a MIC into the other jack ( red ).  Is this how you have your setup?

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My head is now spinning. I will try to figure this out, post some pics this weekend. Thanks for the thoughtful and helpful insight. Will get back to you when I have it figured. The setup I was kind o based on this but DIY style. http://www.theheadsetbuddy.com/xbox-360-pc-headset-adapter-kit-for-game-chat-sound/
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Wait.... can you please explain a little more clearly your cable set-up? Like, step by step of where the cables are going from your Xbox. I'm having a hard time visualizing this lol.

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