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3rd Annual Austin, Texas Spring Meet - March 2nd, 2013  

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Alright guys the time has come. Now that we've gotten both of Nick's great meets behind us it's time to plan for the next Austin meet next spring. Earlier this year we had a good space but I have a feeling we're actually going to need a much larger space this year. The Texas Head-fier list has more than doubled since March and I know there's a lot of people looking forward to the next one. 


First thing's first, we need to get an interest check going (though I think it's too early to start getting a gear list).  We should also start discussing a date so people can start planning properly. 


Any suggestions for a space are welcome as I'm thinking we'll probably need to look at renting one this year. 


I'd love to see a lot more MOTs this time around, and I think we can get a meet big enough to make it worth their while. 


Anyway, I'll stop rambling and just let the discussion get started. This one's gonna be good, guys. 


If you aren't always on Head-fi but want to keep tabs on what's going on you can PM me an email address or phone number. I'll update you as major changes come about.


We have decided on March 2nd, 2013 as the date. I am now compiling a gear list. Please PM me with any list or changes.










Quote Maxvla:
Thought I'd wrap up all the details of the meet, lay down some rules, and give some tips for those who have never attended a meet (and a refresher for those who have).

First the details:

Norris Conference Centers - Austin
2525 West Anderson Lane, Suite 365
Austin, TX 78757

Pecan room

Setup to begin at 8AM, 9AM Official Start. Tear down beginning at 4PM and completely cleared by 5PM. Please report to the registration table upon entering the room for the first time to get your badge and make payment if not already paid.

Cover charge is $20 per person. Your name tag is your proof of payment. You will need to wear it at all times or you will be continuously asked to visit the registration table (me!). If you see someone not wearing a name tag please refer them to the registration table or to me directly.

Parking is free, as is the available wifi.

There will be no food provided (or allowed brought in), however there are restaurants very close if needed. We will have a supply of bottled water on hand. All the food/drink at Norris is ridiculously expensive, sorry.

Here's an overhead view of the building and the entrance (red arrow) and some adjacent restaurants (orange) if you get hungry during the meet.



1. Respect everyone, and everyone's gear. Treat their gear better than your own, as if you were handling the only one of it's kind left in the world. If you have any uncertainty as to how to do something you wish to do, ASK THE OWNER! The tables are marked, and everyone will be wearing a name tag. There is no excuse not to ask. Don't take the risk!

2. Special note about turntables - Unless you own the particular turntable, you are not allowed to touch it, even if you have a turntable at your table or are a 'pro' at turntables. Any adjustment or disc changing will be done by the owner. Look at the table ID card and find them in the room if you wish to change the disc or start it playing. Turntables are extremely delicate finicky machines, do not risk damaging them by not following this rule. If you notice a turntable that has finished it's side and is spinning with the needle in the center of the disc, please alert the owner so they can start it over or change discs. Turntable owners, sorry but you will be somewhat tied to your table because of this. Please be attentive and helpful!

3. There is no outside food or drink allowed. We will have bottled water available. Norris' food prices make a movie theater look like a bargain. Small things like gum or mints are fine, just don't show up and pull a turkey dinner out of your gear boxes.

4. Health and Hygiene - Thoroughly wash your hair the morning of the meet and do not load up your hair with hair sprays and gels, etc. Scrub around your ears (anywhere a pad would touch) to get rid of any loose skin and make sure your ears are as free of wax as possible. If you are feeling sick that morning, please stay home and take care of yourself. We'd rather not catch what you have, and you will feel better resting at home. If for some reason your hair is damp when you arrive, DO NOT listen to electrostatic headphones until it has dried completely. The forecast is for clear skies, so rain and snow should not pose a problem (unlike last time).


1. Listen to everything. Even if you don't like how it looks, or you've 'heard' it's no good. Even if it indeed is 'no good', it will serve as a reference for you in the future.

2. Take notes! Shocking how few people take notes at meets. Audio memory is one of a human's worst skills. Bring a notepad and pen and jot down some thoughts so you can remember it later.

3. Bring a sampler CD you've burned with your favorite songs you've listened to a thousand times. Don't cherry pick songs for certain attributes (snap of the snare drum on such and such track, etc) if you are attending your first meet. Simply knowing the track is enough for a first-timer. There will undoubtedly be many laptop based rigs so it might be a good idea to bring a flash drive with your songs as well, but be sure to ask for the owner's assistance in getting them loaded, and then restored to the original screen after you are done listening.

4. Plan to stay the whole meet. If you've listened to every rig and there's still time left, look through your notes to find the ones you liked the best and hit it again. This only happens once a year. Make the most of it.

5. Talk to people! Besides gear, this is a social event. Get to know head-fiers and the vendors (they don't bite!.. except your wallet). You guys are so lucky to have a community there in Austin that allows easy access to Head-fi members so you can have your own mini-meets at each other's houses. This is what it's all about. People helping people get to where they want to be with their rigs, and enjoying the process of getting there and finding friends along the way.

6. If there is a piece of gear you really, really like.. ask the owner if it is for sale. You might find a bargain, and the owner may be secretly wanting to upgrade and just needs to move the old gear first. The only reliable means of transactions at a meet is something like PayPal as you are unlikely to be carrying a ton of cash on you and checks can be risky.

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Gear List:

MorbidToaster - Leben 300XS, WTL Amadeus (Dynavector 10x5)


gopanthersgo1 - JVC HA-S500, ZO2.3, Phillips Uptown, Magni, AlphaDogs, Clip+


pabbi1 - Liquid Lightning, HE60, Ayon CD-1


SoundFreaq - TH900, Sig Pro, Liquid Fire, Audiophileo, Music Fidelity V-DAC, RSA P-51 Mustang, Final Audio IEMs, XB1000, B22, M100, 


Audie - HE400, Westone 3, JDS Cmoy, E11, Yulong U100 DAC


bl42ed0 - HE500, D2000, MS-1i, Shure SE215, HiFiMan EF-5, Schiit MODI, FiiO E17


TWIFOSP - Lavry DA11, HD800, SPL Phonitor, CD3000, Lyr, Bifrost


Nick Dangerous - Decware CSP+, Ressonessence Concero DAC, HD800


jazzerdave - HE-6, HD650, Mad Dogs, Liquid Glass, Decware Taboo, Modi, LCD 3


stufaro - WA2, T1, DLIII


KG Jag - AKG Q 701, DT 880 Pro 250 Ohm, SR 325is, SR 225i, MS-1i, SRH 940, Pro 750, D2000, AKG K 240 S, M-50S, ATH-AD900


ModMax - Millett MOSFET-MAX (+ Tubes), HE-400


awsanderson - Lyr, HD650, Gungnir


Maxvla - HD800, LCD 2.2, BHA-1, Gungnir


Zilch0md - Dacport LX, Dacmini CX, Soloist, LCD 2, T1, Sony PCM M10


dan1son - AGD Compass, HF-2, Fubar DAC, DIY AC Amp, HF-1, Total Bithead


mcdevin - HP-P1, ALO Mk3, LCD 2.2, ie80, Pro 900


deathdiesel - LA2000, HD595, SR60i, Asgard, Modi, E7, E9


Limniscate - PC350, Total Bithead, Hifiman RE0, PX 100-II


Dealer List:


Jena Labs

Cable Pro

Nice Cans

Cavalli Audio

Avenson Audio

Leckerton Audio (via Nice Cans)

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10/29/12 - PM sent to my (up to date as far as I know) Texas Head-fier list

10/30/12 - March 2nd?

12/31/12 - March 2nd it is. Place?

1/8/13 - Norris Center in Austin is looking like the best option. Ruling on head count and cover price.

1/18/13 - About halfway to where we need to be on the money. Please start sending payments as outlined in post 1. Working out table placement for people now. 

2/13/13 - Almost fully funded! Just a few more pre-pays are needed to wrap it up and start saving for next year. Got even more dealers confirmed as coming and we're working on table placement now.

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I'm in. This'll be good. 

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I'm interested and as of now don't have anything scheduled that could conflict.  I should have the Cavalli Liquid Glass by then (and a big old box of tubes).

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I am very interested, schedule permitting, in attending.
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Anyone have any date suggestions yet? We'll run a poll after we get enough contributions.

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Yep. I'm in.

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I'm in! Will be good to meet you all.
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Count me in!
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Me count in.

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I propose March 2nd. Before SXSW the next weekend, then WMC/ULTRA, then Easter weekend. 

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I would love to attend.

Calendar willing Ill be there.

Luis D. Paret
Keller, TX
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In of course.
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