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i was reading your thread and I wondered which one you bought and were you pleased with your choice.

Unfortunately my answer will not satisfy you. Because after reading many forums and reviews I decided to buy an used HD650. I highly recommend you to check for used headphones. At first I was a little bit suspicious about buying an used headphone. But now I am very happy with my decision.

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AKG Q701 + FiiO E11. Best combination under 300 bucks that I have found. Serious audio quality. The tightest bass you will find, especially for the price. Works great for many genres. However, they do bring out almost every imperfection of a poorly recorded track. They are that detailed. But if you're looking for the best sound under 300 bucks, look no further.
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I have never bought high quality headphones before and I'm trying to research but I'm stuck between a couple different sets of headphones and they are all in my price range which is right at $200 (one being of course the HD 598...$180 on amazon right now)

I'm a HUGE Beatles fan and I will be listening to them mostly (psychedelic era) and I also enjoy Animal Collective for all the weird noises and what not...I really want the best quality for this type of music


I'm looking at the Sennheiser HD598, AKG Q701, ATH-M50, AKG K550


I don't have money to purchase an amp just yet and honestly I will be plugging this into my iphone5 mainly because I will be using these at work (I'm not worried about if they are loud because I have my own office)


Can someone who actually knows headphones help me out...or suggest better...I have no idea whats great about what but from the research I've done I've heard the HD598 has an amazing soundstage



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