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Xears new models

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Has anyone tried any of the xears new models like the bombastic, maestro, or the xpa2pro? The xpa2pro has detachable cables, i tried the klangfuzzies code and it took 114euros off the top, so basically the high end xpa200pro will go for about $50 US. Now i'm saving lol may bite the bullet on these.
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I already have the xe200pro, and they are amazing, my monoprices, jvchafx101, and phillips she3590's don' t sound as good. Xears are great sounding, but i hate the j cord of the xe200 pro.
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I have the XPA800Pro as well as XPA2Pro. Basically the same model except the discontinued 800 had a silly flat cable while the XPA2 has the sweet detachable cables.


Okay what can I tell you about it, hm... Well nothing much except that I've been listening to Beethoven and Vivaldi with these for the past few days and it's been nothing but pleasure.


My other earphones just sit here pretty sad. The Xears completely smokes for example the MEE A151.


Edit: Okay the Rock-it R50 is definitely better (treble more clear, more detail, much better spacing), but still, for a low-end it's great.



//Revoked too much praise

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More reviews on Xpa2pro??

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Well my xe200pros are amazing but one of the earphones stopped working after about 6months, Thomas at xears was awesome though, I just sent him some photos of my cutting the earbuds with a picture of my reciept from paypal and He is sending me a new pair.   Great customer service. :)   I am excited to try out the xpa2pros, they look sweet.  I'd love to hear a comparison to the xe200pros.

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Xears will sell their XPA2 replacement cables for 15 euro. So that's good news for Panasonic HJE900 and Sleek SA1 owners, heh. A mic/remote version will also be available.   

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