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i had two very relaxing hours reading trough all the posts in this thread starting with page 17 (my first post here) while listening to J. S. Bach's 'Goldberg Variationen' and 'Musikalisches Opfer'.


We really should ask head-fi if it is possible to get a whole thread printed as book!


A short story about bad and good luck: (inspired by the book title written by Stephen Hawking - ' Eine Kurze Geschichte der Zeit' - A short story of time' i am reading these days)


bad luck - finally after long response time my order on ebay.fr was cancelled (the lorenz df91 and dl92 pairs) - seems someone else had ordered them just before.


good luck - mr. künzig offered me a pair of lorenz df91 and a pair of lorenz dl92 he could get first asking me because they are partly used ones maybe a week after my order on ebay.fr so i put the trigger on this  two sets, they will be part of the delivery next week.


bad luck - no new sets

good luck - at least used ones - hope they match together


(so ian is the lucky guy again with the only NOS Lorenz set in the world)

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there is a nice article about the technical history of the tubes we are looking for:



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Argh no! I hate that when that happens, pipped at the post!

As long as the used ones test good there should be no issues. It is important to note that as far as I am aware Mil-Spec tubes (I certainly know this to be true with Sylvania's) are burned in for a couple of hundred hours before despatch to make sure they function perfectly so technically they have been used!

Still, after sitting on shelves from over 50 years I think my practice of burn in is a good idea, I have found it pays dividends. Apparently though a vacuum no tube is sealed perfectly so what the burn in does is burn off any impurities that have accrued over the years.

Every tube I have purchased has had a positive effect from being burned in to a lesser or greater degree.

I keep asking the seller in Italy who sold me the Lorenz's (to think I nearly did not purchase them as at the time they were the most expensive tubes I had seen at $10 each plus $12 shipping) if he can get hold of any more but each time he writes and tells me that my pair were the first and last he has ever seen!

Still, take heart, if you can get hold of the 1T4T Tungsrams I feel they are the best alternative and in some respects slightly superior (remember this is tiny differences and really and truthfully only heard if really listening for the differences rather than listening to music!) in that they have a firmer bottom end and creamier and airy top end.

Oh and I posted this just as you sent the link, fascinating stuff, I bet the Ever ready's then will sound just like the Marconi's!
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For these couple of weeks I've been occupied by the tube hunting.


It has been an exciting experience as well as an exhausting one at the same time.

But after all it's all nothing but real fun.


I keep on searching and buying until I lost count. Literally...!

I now have to calculate back how many tubes I've ordered and make an inventory list out of them.


Thanks to the supports in this thread especially to Ian and GG who have been giving wonderful links to those tube stores.


And look who's here... 

The La Radiotechnique 3S4 tubes from my first batch shipment has just arrived.


But those pins! Geeeez...

Lucky to have you guys here.

I believe by using Andy's and Ian's tools combined with GG's technique will make my live easier.

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Originally Posted by GermanGuy View Post

i had two very relaxing hours reading trough all the posts in this thread starting with page 17 (my first post here) while listening to J. S. Bach's 'Goldberg Variationen' and 'Musikalisches Opfer'.


We really should ask head-fi if it is possible to get a whole thread printed as book!




I'm with you GG...!!!

This thread is amazing... beerchug.gif

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Boringer mate, well done! I am glad to see the madness extends beyond me Andy and GG!

I really like the technique Andy and GG have created though I have to say I do find my way rather therapeutic as well!

Now the fun begins, clean the pins (remember to get a pair of soft cotton jewellers gloves if your as OCD as me, that will help protect the delicate print on the tubes.

Oh, I forgot. When doing the final clean of the pins with a Qtip and Alcohol make sure you don't let any get near the printing as it will take it off likety-split!

Keeping the printing is really important, not only as I like to look at the print whilst they glow but more importantly once you have amassed a good collection the only way of identification is what is written on the tube! With all the tubes and boxes it is easy for the tubes to go in the wrong box... As I have found out!

I have two tubes now with no printing and I have no idea what they are.. I think GE's but I cannot be sure!

I really love the Radiotechniques, especially in the 1T4 stage, they have a sweetness and detail about them that is really lovely!

Oh yes, one last thing, though the bases on the amp are well built be gentle taking out and putting in the tubes. I find a gentle very slight "wiggle" is the best way to take them out and a gentle push in to put them in works best. No need to force or have a heavy hand. The pins are held in with little brass spring clips, they have a C shape that comes together. Be gentle with it and you won't wear them out.

Likewise, I would suggest not doing back to back comparisons. Give each set a few days use before changing them to try others.

Also, establish a base line! So, if swapping out the 1T4 stage I suggest keeping the 3S4 stage as a constant and switching between the varying 1T4's tubes, that way you get to know the different sonic traits of the 1T4. The reverse is true also for the 3S4 stage.

That way you get a really good idea of what each tube sounds like and how they pair with the other stage.

Lastly, If this is all common sense and your all saying, Duh, well obviously! Then I apologize, This has been largely a steep learning curve for me of finding out the best way (I feel) to go about this. I have seen little in print about doing all these things.

I know a lot of folks swear by DeOxit to clean the pins but at $30 a can I would rather buy a $4 bottle of alcohol, a $1 box of QTips and a $ nail file and spend the rest on tubes!
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Ian, thanks for all the kind advice.

I ensure you that everything are very well noted.

This TU-5 will be my first (pure) tube amp and I'm glad that before I hold this beauty in hand, I have learn a lot here.

Please keep it coming guys...beerchug.gif

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i found another possible source for the tubes we are looking for:




the company is specialized in selecting and matching tubes for high end hifi systems (they provide more than 20 matching and selection levels)  and claim that they have nearly all audio tube types of nearly all  manufacturers on stock. i downloaded the tube type list, df91 and dl92 are listed and have sent them an email with a request for all the types we are looking for.


they have no online shop!


ironically i found this company while reading the advertisement section of a german hifi magazine.

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I just got the update my amp will be finished by end of June. Which technically means tomorrow. I forgot to ask shipping method. Ian did yours arrive via EMS?

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GG, that's excellent...!

Let's hope they still do have those tubes that we're looking for.

Sometimes, we might get a pleasant surprise from unexpected circumstances... biggrin.gif

woodcans, congratz...! beerchug.gif

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Thats fantastic!

It is a while ago but I think it was EMS as it came to me via Canada post. If I remember correctly mine took 6 days to arrive in Vancouver and that includes going through customs. Oh and remember... It's already tomorrow in Tokyo! biggrin.gif I wonder if the post office is open on a Sunday there? As far as I am aware Japan is mainly Shinto in its religious beliefs so I guess Sunday is not like in North America or Europe, Perhaps one of our Japanese friends can enlighten us on that!

GG, thanks so much for that link, your doing amazing research and it is really appreciated, what a great thread this is!
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Great, potentially another review coming up :)  I'm also waiting for further comments about the TUR-06 before making a purchasing decision.  

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Yup.. It's already the 30th here, the end of month in the other side of the earth. biggrin.gif


I can't talk on behalf of our friends from Japan, but I assume woodcans's unit is completely ready today and Shikada san just might ship it out tomorrow.

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One of the things I loved and i hope he still does this is to put a little label on the inside with the date of completion of the build and signed by him.. Here is mine

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Yeah... Personal touch is always nice...!


Btw, I just realize by having these tubes coming, how do you guys store them?

Should we use the dry box / dry cabinet?

Such question, since I live in a high humidity area. biggrin.gif

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