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Headphones for Dubstep/House?

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Hey, im new here, just a heads-up lol. Anyway, im looking for a pair of headphones, not earbuds, that have great bass and look stylish too. I also ask that they be no more then $150. Right now, i have a pair of skullcandy hesh, and they suit my needs, but im looking to step it up a notch. Thanks!



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The Ultrasone HFI 580s fits your needs, maybe not the most style-ish.

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Yeah lol thats kind of the look i was avoiding. Thank you for your help though!
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A few you could try:


Reloop RHP-10 (lots of cool color combinations)

Pioneer HDJ-500 (pure white and red are both snazzy looking)

Audio Technica WS-55 (more portable)

Audio Technica Pro500MK2 (not sure about the sound quality of these but the red looks really good)

Numark Red Wave (bulky but I like the color scheme and I've heard a lot of good things)

Audio Technica ATH-M50 (Pure white looks good)

Noontec Zoro (personally I don't like the look, but they look like Beats so if you like the Beats styling, you'll probably like these)


And for something a little more budget but still good sound quality, you could try:

Reloop RHP-5 (more portable little brother of the RHP-10)

AKG 518 LE (probably the worst of all of these but also the least expensive)



Hopefully one of those is something you'll like. With the exception of the Pro500MK2, ATH-M50, and Noontec Zoro, they're all bass heavy phones so they should be good. Not all of these are full over the ear phones (some are on the ear), but you didn't specify so I thought I'd list em all.

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Thanks. And just for any future reference, im going for full-over ear
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ATH-M50's would have my vote in the blink of an eye. Talkin of eye's! How much are AIAIAI TMA-1's over your side of the pond? They would be on the list as well.

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The Ultrasone HFI-580 does fit your bill quite nicely, but if you don't like their looks, you can always get their DJ counterpart, the Ultrasone DJ1 (not the DJ1 Pro, which is a different headphone) that are based on the HFI-580, and they're within your specified budget.


The HFI-580/DJ1 are certainly more engaging than the ATH-M50, IMHO.

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And these are all iPhone compatible right?
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As long as you're not using a first generation iPhone (that has a recessed 3.5mm jack), they all work.

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