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Philips citiscape uptown vs other <$100 headphone

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like the title says is there anyother headphones that are more comfortable and sound better for house/techno music but also okay for other types of music? Take into consideration there is no amplifier.


In my list i've got;

- Koss dj100 ($55)

- Sony mdr-zx700 ($88)

- Creative aurvana live ($90)


ath-m50 not available due to being $140 here

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Haven't heard the rest, but the CAL! has great comfort, supple pads and all. Sound is nice and warm, bassy enough for being good with techno. The Uptowns from what I remember do even better with electronic stuff. The stylish factor also warrants a few points.


Have to put in my usual plug for the HP700. These things are PUNCHY! Also around your price range. 

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When they are on sale ($70 ish) the Fostex TR50p are one of the most impressive cans I have listened to in years. For the pricepoint these things smoke. they are faster than many of my rigs that are $300+ and can still pull off some bass here n there. they aren't a dubstep set of cans like the Ultrasone Pro900's n such but *******ed are they good to my ears. If you are a high volume listener you'll prolly want an amp, but seriously consider them. I am also with the post above on the Koss Dj100. those are another set of cans i find myself using more than i would expect. If you are a big electronic/bass listener I would take those over the others in this pricepoint. If you are all over the map i'd check out the philips and the fostex. I like the sound of the CAL's but they fit "weird" on my ears. If you don't have places in town to listen to these, take advantage of return policies! they are there for a reason.


Oh, jsut saw this a bit ago. If you wanna check out the philips you can pick em up for 59bux!!! https://1saleaday.com/wireless/  today only tho.


Happy listening!


Let us know what you went with and why!




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