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Originally Posted by streetdragon View Post

well subbass will not give you punchyness, its mostly the midbass and some highbass that gives the edge in the bass which gives the punch
subbass is the filling and weight to the bass, so ie a mid and highbassy headphone punches, but with no force, but a headphone with only subbass shakes your head but doesnt hit you, a balance between all 3 aspects will give you tight punchy bass with good impact


Well said, it's all about balanced between the different aspects in my book and well my favorite genre needs it due to using such a wide and different frequencies for bass.

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While we're here, anyone know which is better for bass (Xb500), Fiio e11 or  Digazoid Zo 2.3?

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The XB500 is going away.  Buy spares now.

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Today, I've received MDR-X10. I think its sound is identical to XB800.

I'm very disappointed. The sound is unclear and dull. XB1000 and Beats Pro are far clearer than X10. I feel X10 is an industrial waste. Probably, XB800 will be the same. 

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Originally Posted by Diseree View Post

Today, I've received MDR-X10. I think its sound is identical to XB800.

I'm very disappointed. The sound is unclear and dull. XB1000 and Beats Pro are far clearer than X10. I feel X10 is an industrial waste. Probably, XB800 will be the same. 


Good to know. 

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Originally Posted by heavybass212 View Post

Beats are good. They just get a lot of hate around here because of their price and advertising. They aren't amazing in my opinion though. There are better ones if you'd like to 
sacrifice fashion for better sound. The bass on beats plus the clarity on the mids and highs are pretty close to the ultrasones or darth beyers. 
It's just like people hating on rap for always talking about violence and drugs. Beats are like rap. Some people like the sound they produce, but considering older headphones(old school rap) like beyer and sony's xb line is more reasonable. Beats are good headphones, but not even nearly worth the price. I have yet to hear a pair of headphones that can vibrate my ears like the XB500's do. Although I have yet to explore the world of audiophiles. XB500 is no where near summit-fi and that is where i'm heading to on this journey to becoming a full audiophile.
what clarity?
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I just love reading guys dissing other's opinions.................how can anyone knock someone's thoughts that the XB500 is their end all/be all. I have them and the XB700 and probably lean towards the 500 as my favorite................ With proper EQ and amplification (E-11 in my case) they are not bloated or fart cannons as some of you more eloquent guys call them, they just sound good. It's all opinion guys...............if I say the XB500 sounds better than anything, that's MY perception, and all that matters. My buddy at work and I did a side by side with his Beats and my XB 500's...........and even he called it a tie at worst, felt ripped off that he spend $250 more than I did, and promptly returned them, got 500's and 700's and has never looked back. To each their own........... What I don't understand is Sony making these new ones ON EAR. I guess there's a market for them, but not having a choice of over ear after the success of the XB line makes me wonder.

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don't underestimate the power of the EQ.... it can tame raging storms and wake sleeping beasts

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Call me crazy, but I've ordered my 2nd pair of XB500 from Amazon once I heard they're discontinued. It will sit idle until my current XB500 wears out.


Yeah, the frequency response might be too colored, and that nasty sharp dip around 3kHz (also tested this with Sinegen) is impossible to EQ out completely, but I think it has some unique advantages based on the graphs of Innerfidelity.


1. The 30Hz square wave looks much better than competitors (Ultrasone 900, D7000, DT770). Only XB700 and XB1000 beat it, but they have even more recessed midrange, so its a tradeoff.


2. The 300Hz square wave is slow, but no excessive noise/overshoot here. Low response near 1kHz and after 10KHz robs it of clarity, but makes possible to listen on them for hours without fatigue.


3. I've seen some (not all) of the alternatives to XB500 suggested in this forum are deficient in low mid (200-400Hz) which will result lifeless clinical sound IMHO, but of course can be corrected by EQ. Its just me who demands 20-500Hz to be extremely critical and stand out from other parts. Again XB500 is not perfect here, I still need to EQ up 500Hz a bit, but its close. I mainly listen to progressive and trance music (including late 90s Bonzai stuffs), where this range really matters. (Can't stand the commericalized vocal trance BTW, so not at all complaining about the distant female vocals:)


4. Finally the lovely ear cushions are very comforting and they keep me warm in winter. Don't think XB600/800 can give me that.


Saying all that, I admit XB500 sounds awful at flat EQ.

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Here's my XB800 review.
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ok... so I just went to my local sony store and tested the XB800 and the XB600, and all I can really say is that the 800 has what the 600 has and more. Looking at the sony site it says the XB500's are discontinued now :( 

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Originally Posted by HiFiGuy528 View Post

Here's my XB800 review.


So you're saying that the 700 has better bass than the 800? just verifying :P

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OK, so another look showed that sony only has XB200, 600 and 800. I'm looking for a headphone/earphone (doesnt matter) that has amazing punchy, booming, whateveryoucall it bass. Bass is all that i'm really looking for to get my heart pumping before training/tournaments. what do you guys recommend?

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It doesnt necessarily have to be sony but favourably something that sony/bestbuy carries because those are the only stores that sell headphones within my reack. Sorry for all the posts, I'm sort of new at this thing. Thanks :D

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anyone know where i can get the xb500 all black edition? is that only a european release? 


i want to buy a backup since they're out of production now

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