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So my Shure SE215's broke a while ago, i lost the reciept for it so i unfortunately couldn't get another pair but oh well. These were the best headphones i've ever listened to, with great sound isolation and insane clarity these things were awesome. They were uncomfortable though and as i wore them more i found them harder to keep in my ear, so i've got a budget of $300 MAX, i'd like to try and keep it around $200 for a new set of IEM's. Comfort is a given, if the buds aren't known for being uncomfortable, that's probably good enough for me (different tips and sized buds would be nice), clarity is the most important sound characteristic, i'm looking for a balanced listening experience, but with a punchy and tight bass, i listen to all different types of music from classical to electronic, my SE215's could bother my ears from the volume, but that was at their VERY loudest, never was it because of harsh highs or distortion, i'm looking for that same type of clarity. Sound isolation is another big thing, the SE215's had outstanding sound isolation, i could have my music playing at half volume, have someone screaming in my ear right beside me and i could be none the wiser, that same level of isolation isn't needed i just need to be able to block outside noise. I'm not the greatest at describing what i want out of a pair of headphones so your guys suggestions are greatly appreciated, so far i've looked the the Klipsch x10i, Entymotic HF5, Sennheisser CX 980 among a few, but i won't be able to try before i buy so this is a tough decision. Considering i just bought an $1800 guitar i'd prefer not to spend extra money and be dissapointed with a headphone purchase.

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