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EDIT: Hisound Audio to Release New DAP Product-Line (NOVA with micro SD card support)

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Hello folks I just got word for Hisound Audio that they will be releasing a new product-line of Nova Players. The first model will be debuting sometime next month. The player model is named HN1. It will have a touch keypad, color screen and a very stylish and slim form factor. The size is roughly 9.2 X 4.3 X 0.8 cm (hope that makes sense to you guys :).


The sound quality will be similar to the Rocoo P. If anyone has anymore questions regarding the new product line go ahead and post them and Hisound Audio will do their best to answer your questions. I'll post a picture of the prototype model below. Really looking forward to the improved UI (crossing my fingers here). tongue_smile.gif


Edit: As there have been a lot of complaints regarding the lack of micro SD card support. Jack at Hisound has decided to implement micro SD card support to their Nova product line. You folks voices were heard and you will have your way. Congratulations :).










A rendered design provided by Hisound Audio of what the product should look like once released. :)

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Good news, but why touchpad? Keypad is still best. It will cost more or less than rocoo p?
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I'm not exactly sure why they are opting for touchpad either. Maybe they are trying to appeal to a wider market? I know a big factor in the changes are stemming from some of the UI limitation of the previous models (not enough buttons to accommodate for all the changes needed).

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Too bad they're using touch pad. There's not enough pocketable, sensible-sized players with tactile buttons anymore.
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Also any estimate price on it? Expandable memory? On-board memory? And I've never handled their older players before, mainly because of the consistent reports of less than mediocre UI. So if it's even in the area of Clip+ UI useability, then I'm pretty much very interested.
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Maybe if you guys make that statement loud enough, you never know :P. I agree with you though. I prefer tactile buttons. If they added an extra one I'd be quite happy too :). I'll see if I can get further answers from Jack regarding your questions. He may chime in himself though.

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After using the hardware buttons on the v3 for some time, I will prefer that over touchpad.

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Is that an SD card slot on the side? How many hours playtime? It's obviously playing FLAC from the included picture, obviously.

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HELL YEAH, hoping to replace the sansa clip+ having battery issues, this seems like a great unit.

I would imagine that having touchpad is a trend in China as this is the second unit I am seen having this feature. I just hope the touchpad is not water sensitive, in Australia summer everything sweats! 

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IMO, if they even put a tactile dot or bump or something for that centre touch button, that could enhance usability by a bit. At least we (I more likely. Can't speak for anyone else) would be more likely to know where the centre is without looking.
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what's the white cable on the bottom doing?

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Originally Posted by KT66 View Post

what's the white cable on the bottom doing?

my guess:micro USB

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Touchpad controls, really? Reminds me of the Cowon i9, Sansa Fuze+,   and Samsung Q2 then.....which equals 

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One of the reasons I like the current range is physical buttons. I can bump songs and volume through my clothes and or without looking. I like a screen but also like not needing to rely on it. With a large display, I suppose this was inevitable.

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I would like to know if it has gapless playback.

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