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Anybody here in Victoria, BC, Canada?

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Hi everybody


I've been lurking on head-fi for years.  I'm wondering if anybody is from Victoria, BC, Canada?  I like the idea of local meetups, maybe if there's a few people in Victoria, we could get together sometime?

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There was just one in Vancouver a few weeks ago. A lot of people came from all over, even some from Seattle. I've always wanted to go to Victoria again (for some reason, I go to Duncan/Nanaimo every spring, but have only gone to Victoria once). But I guess it's been too soon since the last local meet, so maybe in a few months, this could work out? Definitely up for another meet sometime near the beginning of next year. From what I remember of Victoria, a meet there could be very picturesque.

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I'm in victoria!!!! I love a get together!!

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I'm from Nanaimo, but I'd like a get together! 

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Bump to say that we might have a Van Island, as well as a regular Vancouver one, sometime in the Spring or Summer. Visit the thread!

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Bump 3 years later, are more of us on here now for a victoria meet??
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