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LendMeUrEars trustable?

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I am looking to buy a pair of VSonic GR02 (Bass Edition)

Someone pointed me towards I would like to know if this website is trustable!

has anyone had any experiences with them?

I was also looking for their warranty policy but i couldn't find it. If someone could give me the link?


Thank you all!

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Yes the website is trust worthy and genuine, a trusted Vsonic reseller. Usually when someone comes here looking to buy Vsonic IEM's they're recommended to that site or ebay where lendmeurears has an account also.

I'm sorry it took three hours just for someone to answer this simple question for you.
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I know the guy who are running the store for a few years now and I can vouch for him. He is an authorized VSONIC dealer.
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i got my gr07 from them, and they've sold hundreds of gr07 last time ive checked from their ebay store

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You will not have any issues as other have stated.
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No problem, as to confirm others

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I will confirm that the usual phrase is trustworthy.

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is this site gone?  Just  wordpress account to me.

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I got the same thing. I get a Wordpress page when I try to reach the LendMeUrEars website.

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Still on ebay at least...I just got my GR02 Bass today from them. Shipped very fast and packaged well. I buy from him again.

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Originally Posted by ArmAndHammer View Post

Shipped very fast...


Almost two weeks and I still haven't gotten mine. *sigh*

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Originally Posted by fauaad View Post


Almost two weeks and I still haven't gotten mine. *sigh*

they ship out very quick

from then on it depends on the mailing companies

check out the tracking code they send you

imho they're dependable

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Originally Posted by fauaad View Post


Almost two weeks and I still haven't gotten mine. *sigh*

Are you in the US? I am and I got mine from their US fullfilment center, so shipping to me was just a few days. If you are not in the US, they are coming from Singapore.

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Nope. Not in the US.

I checked out the tracking code. It said that the package was sent on the 24th and theres been no update since. Their eBay page says that deliveries to Asia take 6-8 days, and today was the 10th day. I even paid extra for 'safer' shipping. :/

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You can trust lendmeurears, I got my GR02 Bass Edition from them in 3 weeks shipped from SG to US.


However, I do have a few issues with them.


1) They list their prices in SGD so when you check out with Paypal, YOU WILL BE PAYING MORE. Not sure if it's the same if you buy from their Ebay store. To be honest I felt ripped off paying 2 dollars more since I ordered through their website.


2) Their return policy could better considering how much some of the IEMs cost and they're made in China. Better in the sense that at least the IEMs should be tested before shipping to ensure they work. Since shipping them back from (wherever) to SG is going to be costly and will take a long time.


That said, will I buy more Vsonic from them? Yes. But if I can find a reputable seller in US through Amazon or Ebay I'd rather not deal with having IEMs shipped to me from SG.

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