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Good to know than even switched off in settings there is still this stupid EU limitation... Not many know this. mad.gif
I noticed that my iPad Air goes louder than my iPhone 6.

Is it a good idea of connecting a Topping NX1 to the iPhone 6 or will it destroy the perfect sound output of the iPhone (if we put the slight volume increase aside) ?
I'm not sure if I can hear any differences (I use the NX1 with the HD558)


Not much people know because nobody has tracked down the actual regulation that enforces capping. Once you've read it you understand it all (The colored volume squares, the diminished output and that there are 2 volume limits in place but user is only allowed to turn off one of them -the 85db one-).


Non european iPhones sound exactly as loud as iPads (which are not sold capped because...the sell with no bundled earphones hence no way to stick to CENELEC nonsenses).


If you don't have volume problems iPhone sound output is excellent and suited for critical listening.

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