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Best HeadSETS for use with Astro Mixamp (gaming)

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I have the AD-700 that I use for music, but with the mixamp on shooters they have very screeching highs that literally hurt my ears. Directional audio and such is fine with Dolby Headphone, but I need something with a little more bass. I actually prefer a headset with a microphone. I'd rather not have a ghetto mic and headphone separation when playing console games.


I was looking around a little and saw these so far.


Sennheiser PC 350/360


Steelseries Siberia V2

- What's the difference between these two if I'm only using it with the mixamp?





I really don't want to spend much, that's why I have the Siberia V2 in my list. But I'm open to all suggestions.



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One headset is able to use for consoles/PC (support for USB and analog audio) the other shld be for PC only.


Alternatively you can check this thread if you haven't done so. (I'm assuming you're using the headsets for console gaming as well)



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I read around a little more. Does the Siberia V2 really lack a noticeable amount of soundstage compared to the AD700? I have the Astro A40 and AD700 and I feel I have to use the A40 because the AD700 STILL hurts my ears with those highs. I feel like I need something with a balance between good bass and soundstage.

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Can't really comment on steelseries headphones but from my experience of "gaming headsets" for example my $70 plantronics headphone (which I still have), soundstage seems to be smaller and SQ also inferior to real audiophile headphones. Heard the razer tiamat 7.1 b4 and it sounds way too artificial for my taste. Well the only exception which I read is the sennheiser PC 350/360 though. Those are gaming headsets with audiophile SQ. Although, yet again can't comment on that since I have never tried those b4.


I'm currently using my audio technica a900x for my games, but since I don't play FPS games, I'm not really sure of the positional accuracy of the headphones. All I can say is it is a well balanced headphone and the bass is sufficient (for me) for the games I play. (for example DOTA 2.) But do you actually want a mic to come with the new cans you're buying?

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