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Headphone bag

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Has anyone tried these headphone bags I'm seeing on eBay from Bangkok?

"Headphone Bag Anti impact for Sennheiser HD800 HD650 Sony AKG Audio Technica"

Looks like the brand name on the picture is "V Audio."
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Haven't tried them, but they look interesting, especially at that price. Same seller apears to have Grado-style headphone cases too.


Too bad I need all of my hobby funds to pay for my new laptop, otherwise I'd order one of each... Take one for the team so to speak...

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I bought the Vaudio bag for the HD650s and they are indeed a great buy for the price! Have a detailed writeup with pictures here, but to is a great bang for the buck. Its spacious and comfortable to carry with the provided strap! I am about to buy another one for my HE500s (yes, I still have the HiFiman case but this one is much more convenient) it's a steal at the price.

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Nice! Thanks! I have just resumed my case/bag search. Seems the beyerdynamic bags have doubled in price (now $45). So maybe I'll try one of these and maybe get some foam to cut and stuff inside.

Saw some small attaché style cases at Harbor Freight recently that might work also. Need to revisit those.
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That's exactly the kind of bag I was looking for my ATH-W1000X.


Thanks for posting this information!

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