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BREAKING NEWS! ALO audio's new portable tube amplifier + DAC!

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just got news 4 hours ago via twitter.That alo is releasing their new amp+ dac called The Pan Am.




a little more about The Pan Am:

Wherever the Music Takes You (part two)

Follow ALO Audio’s Curtis Philips, JD Stewart and Caleb Rosenau as they venture out of Portland and into the great Pacific Northwest with our new portable amplifier and high resolution USB DAC, The Pan Am.

Portable High Resolution audio has never been so easy. 
Plug and play 24 bit / 96 kHz with the Wolfson USB DAC.

Personalize your sound with new or ‘new old stock’ vacuum tubes. We are offering both Russian military and Siemens tube upgrades.

3 inputs: High Resolution USB DAC, ⅛” stereo jack and RCA, keep The PanAm at the center of any listening set-up.

Add The PassPort external battery pack to enjoy 10 hours of listening anywhere.

The Pan Am will be available for purchase September 5th 2012 at aloaudio.com

There will be no presale orders.

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Breaking news?

You made me feel young again wink.gif.
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Some explanations of inputs and outputs with specs:






$699 for the PanAm / $189 for the PassPort / $89 for the Gateway




Could be interesting for jailbroken iPod Touch 4G with that 99-cent Cydia app for Camera Connection Kit.

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Have spoken to the ALO team and it seems that the DAC in the Pan Am is for computers rather than iPods etc although the amp will obviously work with both.  There is also a desk-top power conditioner to create a pretty good looking (and I'm sure sounding) threesome. 


This has really thrown my plans to buy the Continental v2 and Solo for full portable use (with iPod) up in the air.  Then again the Pan Am looks more transportable than portable to me with those valves on the top (for which a cage is available).  Maybe I'll just have to sell by bike and get both sets of gear.

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USB DAC part should work for iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S / iPod Touch 4G with a little trick here:




Only SE outputs so no love for a balanced rig then. What if we burn some serious cash to marry a pair of PanAm with something like this?



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Originally Posted by MomijiTMO View Post

Breaking news?
You made me feel young again wink.gif.

IMO breaking news is the perfect word for this event

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Originally Posted by LemanRuss9 View Post

IMO breaking news is the perfect word for this event

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For those who are eager, from Headfonia 


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This has 'lolwhut' written all over it.


[flame suit on]

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Some impressions posted by shigzeo here:



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Please be gentle if I appear dumber than I actually am - but of the Pan Am's DAC works for computer sources (this is what Caleb and Josh at ALO said) then it will not work (at least as a DAC) for iPods etc right?  Kinda like the reverse of the Algorythm Solo issue.  Seeteeyou - are you saying that there is a way to 'remedy' this issue so that you don't have to have 2 DACs if you want to use both iPod and a computer as your source at different times with an active external DAC?  If so I would love to know as I'm about to buy a Continental mk2 this weeks with the Solo DAC - and then the Pan Am etc on Sept 5.


I can't wait for Shigezo's review - it sounds like he has a Pan Am on hand.

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For now jailbroken iPod Touch 4G is the only iPod model that could work with that trick mentioned above.






Camera Connection Kit was designed for iPad to begin with. Recently someone managed to release an app to allow CCK to work with jailbroken iPod Touch 4G / iPhone 4 because all of them share the same S5L8930 processor. Then iPhone 4S with better S5L8940 processor also confirmed to work with CCK.


IMHO those proprietary DACs for Apple devices became somewhat pointless once we get that CCK trick working. The only exception is an old model such as iPod Classic because that will not even recognize CCK to begin with.


Another catch is the power requirements of those USB DACs if they were not self-powered. Obviously The Pan Am will be powered by an external battery so that should be OK.


Now where do I get a nice 18awg OCC Camera Connection Kit? That could be an interesting DIY project for us.

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Ahhhh - sounds good seeteeyou. The Pan Am has both an external battery (Passport) plus a power conditioner (Gateway) - both optional as far as I know. Watching the video that Alo has put out of the Pan Am it looks nice but not really portable - more transportable but I haven't read any full reviews or seen the dimensions yet. I was hoping that with your 'trick' re the CCK that I could get a Continental and Solo to work with both an iPod (which it already does or will when I get it) and my computer but it sounds like it's a one-way trick at the moment in that it only enables DACs that work with computers to work with the 4's that you mentioned and not the other way round.


If someone can get this to work both ways (as long as Apple stays with it's approach) then we should all make a sizeable donation to them as we would only need 1 good set-up, at least for most of us that is - excluding those people who want to go 'way beyond' with their desk sets (beyond my budget - that is).


I have my first set of Marty full build (no base headphone to start with) woodies on the way soon with v4 Magnums - my first set of 'true' HPs and probably gonna be (with these amps etc) worse for my budget in the future that the first hit of heroine in that it will lead to...

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lOOK Cool~ Plan to buy one !! XD

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I'll buy one.

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