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Best 2.0/2.1 Speakers for ~$600

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Hey guys, I know this has probably been posted before, but I've searched high and dry and found nothing that seems to answer my question.


Basically I'm after the best sounding speakers that can go loud when they need to. They also must have decent bass. Currently I own a pair of M-Audio AV40's and a Xonar D1 sound card, and I find I have to heavily EQ them to get the desired sound. I mainly listen to electronic music and rap/hip hop. I'm open to any kind of setup, preferably 2.0 or 2.1. My budget includes any necessary amp/dac, as well as the speakers themselves.

Thanks in advance guys,


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This is what I have and it pumps out tons of sound while not distorting.


Denon AVR-1312


Polk Monitor 30's


Velodyne VX-11


All this cost me a little over $500.


You can hook up your sound card to the receiver via the S/PDIF jack and the receiver will act as your DAC and AMP. This is what I do except that instead of S/PDIF, I use HDMI.

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Get a pair of Emotiva Airmotiv 5s or 6s. You don't need anything but the speakers and you can control volume from your PC or any other device you plug in. 


They sound awesome for EDM, by the way.

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If you like monitor style speakers I have KRK rokit powered 8's and there great.

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