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Originally Posted by utmelidze View Post

Do u guys have any suggestion about its Impedance?
Do you relaly think it is 30 Ohm as according to Philips?

I ask that, beause my DT 990 Pro 250 Ohm need less power to drive comparing them...

For example:

my Xperia Z utra could get DT 990 Pros lot louder
Philips X1 ist very quiet with my phone

and My Creative soundcard with "integrated amp 600 ohm" gets 250 ohm Beyer also lot louder then philips

whats wrong there?
I get my Fiio E12 next days and would try with it
i suppose X1 will sound lot ...loot better with E12

But how the hell to understand that...

I think Beyer Gives worst case Impedance as Data and Philips gives just its best case
Impedance should be depended on Signal frequency and according to mesuring moment freq , you could get different values

AFAIK...and awaiting for comments from guys who know more...

p.s. according to comparison and lil calculations philips should be somewhere 300-350 Ohm Impedance
I also tested its Cable

power input is also a factor. X1 has a maximum capacity of 500mW even though it's rated @ 30ohms. while DT990 which I happened to own before has a capacity of 100mW @ 250/80/600 ohms. tbh my AKG Q701 is much harder to drive with just a 45 ohms but requires 200mW power input. even though. I would pick the Q's over the DT's any day.

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I have a pair of Grados sr325is and they take FAR less power to boost.

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Yea 30ohm is definitely wrong somewhere along the line or somehow, my 300ohm headphones are louder at the same volume compared to the 30 ohm philips.


Maybe it's as above the 500mw thing or sensitivity.


I think it might be a case of this headphone doesn't play well with certain amps or sources like a lot of headphones do or don't.


Some reviews have said these need a low output impedance ? like under 1ohm ? 0.5-0.8 ohm output ?


P.s why did you get the e12 send it back get the eph-02 aka jds labs objective 2 amp or the fiio e09k which headfonia reported plays well with the x1 or the aune t1 or x1 or schiit.

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I tried a P7 at the local Apple store. That thing despite being only 25 Ohms and 101 dBV/uBar, took higher volume on my X3 than my Q701 or HE-400 to get to normal listening volume. On the other hand it was in a slightly noisy Apple store but the isolation should have compensated for that somewhat.
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The case is

If impedance is high. Sourslce has to compensate it with high voltage.because high impedance limits current.flow
And input power=current*voltage
If current goes low and limits because of impedance you need.to have high output voltage

Soo..if my dt 990 pro gets loud enough with source XY
It means this source can deliver enough voltage to compensate current and get good power output

But when philips with "30" ohm gets not even half as loud as 250 ohm headphone on the same sourse...
It means that the high voltage is not enough.
Current is no more limited because impedance should be low
So you should.proportionally get more power output
Of.course voltage plays a lil.bit but stays more.less.on same level on max loudness

So ou get nearly same.voltage but different currents
That means power output would be on high impedance lower
Qnd on.low.impedance higheaccording to Ohm law power factor cannot be the case here

Of course afaik...that argument doesnt sound correct that because of 500mw philips is more quiet

It has more impedance for sure on higher frequencies
What philips does is that thay show.impedance on.low frequencies and thats why 30 ohms

More frequency means more inductivity and more impedance
Thats just the way inductor functions and thats behind both headphones for sure

Philips afaik measures impedance at 200Hz and gets 30 ohm
Beyer measures at 1khz and gets 250ohm

But philips could be 350ohm at 1KHz...

I hipe.you understand my pov

This is not some.diss against philips
I just try to define things
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For example.let take V out=5volts


No wqy could.philips get less.power from.the same.sourse
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of course,why not...happy now? :)

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Measurements from InnerFidelity. Seems close enough to Philips' impedance.

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Measured with 600 Ohm output impedance

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so just got these not too long ago, and i attached my modmic to the mesh. however, it seems as though either the mesh or whatever is right behind the mesh is magnetic, because instead of having to use the adhesive clasp it just stuck on there magnetically. 


i just want to be sure im not going to cause any weird long term damage using the modmic magnetic base clasps... is this a dumb question?

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It sure sounds like a stupid question.

But since I don't have an answer to it, it's not a stupid question I guess.

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Hello all!


I just pulled the trigger on a pair of X1's after copious amounts of reading up on all sorts of headphones. It seems this headphone has gained quite a lot of praise in the forums and I really cannot wait at all to try them out. I was wondering though, do these headphones require an amp or a new wire to improve the sound (I've heard changing the wire does wonders)? I will mostly be running them from my laptop if that matters. Also, what genres of music would you guys say work best with these headphones from your experience?



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Every Genre that's why I like them.

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Originally Posted by c64 View Post

Every Genre that's why I like them.

Awesome! Thanks, I was worried that I'd end up with a one trick pony!

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