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Vincent KHV-111 MkII

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I will appreciate any reviews on this headphone amp, Vincent KHV-111 MkII. I can't find any anywhere so hopefully I can get some direct customers reviewing it.


My stereo: Hifi: NAD C320BEE, NAD C521BEE, Rega P3-24 + rega phono preamp, med Goldring 2300. NAD 6325, NAD AM/FM Stereo Tuner 4020A, Audio tronic CM3, QED Performance Audio Cable 1, Aragon 5055

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I haven't tried the KHV-111 MkII but I do have tried the khv-1 with my hd650. I am currently in the middle of amps and I have been trying out a couple, among the KHV-1 and there aren't that many people who write about vincents amps so I thought I might share my experience with the KHV-1.

The general impression, (as far as I have read) is that the KHV-111 is below the KHV-1 in quality and I didn't like the KHV-1. I read here on the forums says that the hd650 and the KHV-1 is a great combo so it might be that it doesn't fit my taste 


The sound came out way to bright. The bass felt week and there was not much pressure at all unless you turned up the volume but then the higher frequencies became to prominent.The natural musicality that I feel the hd650 gives diminished somewhat but the soundstage sounded wide which is a plus.


Other amps that I have had longer listening sessions and that I compare with are the musical fidelity V-CANII and Beyerdynamic A1. The three amps do sound to my ears somewhat alike. The V-CANII performed slightly worse on all aspects and the A1 sounded alot better with everything but thats what to excpect from different pricetags.


I hope this personal impression of an amp in the similar line will help somewhat. I am not to good at writing reviews and I haven´t listned to as many amps and phones so I would not be to surprised if my impression of it's big brother doesen't reflect it's actuall performance.

If possible do listen to the amp yourself otherwise I would probably stear clear of it. It seemse that not to many in this forum have had Vincent headphone-amps so don't expect to many replies (believe me, I have been looking).

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