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iPhone 4S hooked to external DAC yep its working

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I use the camera connection kit. And the Hippo cricri +. Also my iPhone is jailbroken. The last part is: bigboss repo. Cameraconnector. $.99. I have more info if needed.
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Interesting. Thanks for the info. Was actually planning to get my hands on S3 and make use of Android's USB Audio. Certainly changes things.

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shhh or they'll break it....

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My Hippo cricri+ DAC is detected and runs perfect.
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Completly portable. I have fotos if needed.
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USB Mass Storage will be supported in next release:




8930 (iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G) and 8940 (iPhone 4S) devices should work best for now according to that post by winocm above.






Now I am looking at the prices of used 64GB iPod Touch 4G while trying to figure out what USB DACs work without installing drivers.


This list was not updated because of better support since iOS 5 was released:



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That looked so cool.


I might think about CCK like this for home/office as well:



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Will this work with the iPhone 4?
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According to winocm, iPhone 4 with S5L8930 should be supported by that 99-cent app at the moment.


However, it also depends on what USB DAC you have.


I read that thread about iPad and USB DACs earlier today. If your USB DAC were not self-powered while iPhone 4 might say something like power is too low for your USB DAC, then you will have to get this T3Hub in order to trick your iPhone 4:




Alternatively, you might be able to get away with an unofficial CCK that will give you the option for an external DC 5V power source:




Granted it would be only wasting less than 10 bucks even if that unofficial CCK were no good. Not that bad if you ask me.

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Thanks for the info. I ordered a Fiio E17 which has an internal battery so hopefully it will be self powered when I use it as a DAC with my iPhone 4.

I'll report back once I've tested it.

Edit: Cancelled my order when I learned that the E17 needs to have external power as per this post:

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You are very welcomed. FiiO E17 with powered USB hub did work for iPad with Camera Connection Kit:




I did the homework and saw many unofficial sources of CCK on eBay. By far the cheapest choice on eBay from a seller with a huge number of positive feedbacks:





This one is very simple while USB charging is also supported:




Another one supporting USB charging with a separate cable as well as 3 USB ports:





Other items did not mention "Camera Connection Kit" at all. Not exactly sure if the pins inside that 30-pin connector were any different from the ones mentioned above. They pretty much cost a few bucks so please don't get mad if there were any issues.


Four bucks shipped with USB charging plus 3 USB ports:





$4.29 for an "octopus" flavor:




$10.79 delivered with a neat and well organized package:




Still looking for super short (4-in or 10-cm) mini USB cables with reasonable shipping. The cable itself costs 2 bucks and then asking 4 bucks to ship that. LOL

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Lynnfield, how about a writeup explaining exactly how it's done. A nice simple walk through is always appreciated.

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This is interesting. I'd like to learn more about the sound being returned and is it a worthy pursuit...

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