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Audeze makes the best headphones for electronic club-type music period. Nothing else has come close for me. The bass quality and the natural way it produces vocals without the bass bleeding into the mids are two of the biggest reasons. Based on your music selection, you won't be disappointed.

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The Edition 8 is magic with EDM. It's strongest genre in my opinion. AVB or some PVD is just purely enthralling. Plus they are much more comfortable than Audeze. Most comfortable phone I've tried.
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I personally just got my lcd-2's about a week ago, and was tossing up about the same question as you have been as I primarily listen to trance / house / edm, so far, they're pretty sweet.  I was split between the pro 900 / he-500 / d7000, ruled the denon / pro out due to the 'recessed mids' feedback (never got around to auditioning them though so what do I know :P), and the feedback that they're a 'fun' can, I mean to me what's the point of thumping bass when it comes at the expense of something else, I like bass, but I don't want it to come at the cost of anything.   Then when I was about to get HE-500's, found some used LCD-2's that weren't insanely over my budget, (though once I bought the 'mid-fi' amp and dac I was way over :P) and here I am.


So far, they're pretty good, what else can i say :P.  The bass is there, it thumps decently, not to the same level as the sub in my car but it definently thumps, more so when you turn them up a little, and the bass has excellent detail & seperation, absolutely no muddiness.  You can hear the differences between all the bass sources basically, without any effort.  The bass isn't the only thing about these can's though, It's the bass + the mids (so, so lush, it almost makes me sad when I'm listening to a track that doesn't have any vocals), the seperation between sounds is spot on even if the soundstage isn't enormous, more a small club compared to a theatre hall.  For EDM, they do the job great, they go loud enough to get that immersed in the music feeling you get when you're at a nightclub, but the bass isn't the main attraction, it's the whole sound you get out of them, the detail, the seperation, those vocals, it's the whole package.  


Listening to my eyes by nero for example, a track that I usually find sounds a bit muddy, on the LCD-2's it's clearest I've ever heard it.  There's a part when the track really comes together after the 3 minute mark and being able to hear everything, from the low low bassline to the echoing synth sounds that phase around to the guitar, it's all there.  Then something that's recorded really cleanly, like I shine by Infected Mushroom, heck even the whole Army of Mushrooms album, you've got this amazing clear synthy sound, perfectly deep bass, every sample & loop is just so clear, lots of phasing sounds that you can hear go around you, and then when the vocals open up, they're so lush and organic.  


Downsides, they don't really do 'low volume' like I'd been led to believe from some reviews and stuff, like they do it, you don't really lose any detail when it's not loud, but you lose the body that these headphones give to sound and that's what makes them special.  Like on my schiit lyr, at 9 o'clock they're nothing special, but at 10 o'clock and onwards they really open up.  They just have this way of giving music body & presence that I haven't heard from headphones before.  Also comfort probably sucks if you've got a weak neck (I don't notice the weight but then I have a large build so I don't find them uncomfortable), and the soundstage isn't big, there is no airy-ness to it, but it's not congested either, it's just on the small side, to me this is a bonus for EDM though (I prefer the sound of a nightclub over a open air festival personally).  Sufficient would be the word I guess :P, or small for an open can, big for a closed can?  I dunno.


They're pretty forgiving regarding sources aswell which is nice, you can still listen to podcasts and not have them sound crap, they'll sound ok, but they do lose a bit of that magical presence they bring to the sound, not to mention the details lossy containers chuck out the lower down in bitrate you go.  


Then on the other side of these headphones, where when you're worn out of edm you can listen to radiohead and it's sublime, rock in general has been so good that I keep going back to albums I havn't heard in years and listening to them again, noticing all the little details I missed the first time around on inferior gear.  

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Anyone listening to edm try the new denon line?
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Thanks rasatouche for your thoughts about LCD-2!wink.gif I'm really mixed up between the three HP's LCD-2, Ultrasone Ed8 and Denon D7100! Maybe i'll just have to get the lot!cool.gif

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I use my Denon AH-D2000 and HE-500 for trance right now. I have learned to enjoy both and use each for different mood and purposes within electronica. Would love to try a LCD-2 at some point though.

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Originally Posted by Zoom25 View Post

I use my Denon AH-D2000 and HE-500 for trance right now. I have learned to enjoy both and use each for different mood and purposes within electronica. Would love to try a LCD-2 at some point though.

which do you like the low end on better?

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Originally Posted by RushNerd View Post

which do you like the low end on better?


Hmmm, that's tricky.... I did a post/review a while back comparing D2000 and HE-500 for electronica specifically -->post #36


After having both for over two months together, going back and forth. I find the bass on HE-500 faster then D2000. Both hit hard in the bass and sub bass region. I think the HE-500 might actually hit harder in mid-bass then D2000. Overall they both slam hard. However, with the D2000 it feels as if the cup and your head is full of bass....After testing a bunch of other headphones including the HE-500, I don't think the D2000 are loose, given they are amped properly. The HE-500 is faster easily with more texture (although the D2000 does exceptionally well nonetheless and superb for its price. I think songs that have sub-bass sections really excel with the D2000 and they have beaten the HE-500 in the extension by a little bit, but the HE-500 still go to sub-bass quite low.


I usually switch back and forth between them every day for electronica and appreciate each more by switching quickly so I don't get plateaud with either. The HE-500 is open, airy and natural...paired up nicely with all my trance music. People recommended me HE-400 instead as its the bassier model and better equipped for trance and other electronica. Although I'm glad I went with the HE-500, this way I got the D2000 for the rumble/feel and the HE-500 for the quicker and slams a bit harder in all the right places.


For trance, I would be fine with the bass of either headphones easily. They are both freaking enjoyable. Although when you get into the mids especially, the D2000 loses that to the HE-500 (but the D2000 isn't as bad as people make it out to be, it's quite enjoyable). The highs again are better on the HE-500 - better resolution, transients, imaging and extension. Also the airyness and open soundstage is quite relaxing. Athough when I am watching movies, I sometimes prefer the D2000 in the bass section...and not to mention they are more comfortable.


I'll update soon, when I test them out of my newly O2..... 

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Originally Posted by Aurosonic View Post

Coming from Denon D2000s, the LCD-2s were a bit underwhelming with EDM at first IMHO. The mids and highs were absolutely lovely and the bass was deep, tight, and textured, but overall impact was missing from the Audeze's, leading me to initially prefer the Denons. But slowly I learned to appreciate the qualities of the LCD-2s and ended up enjoying Trance and Progressive with them, especially vocal tracks.


Again, keep in mind I came from Denon D2000s which are subjectively regarded as being the best headphones for EDM with their crazy amount of bass and fun SS, so you might want to consider those. Better yet, look at the Denon D7000s if all you listen to is trance.


I can't vouch for the Senn's or ATs, as I've never heard them.


Either way, you won't be disappointed if you go with the LCD-2s, but those Denons are also a good choice. And yes, you'll need a good amp to get the best out of the Audeze's.

EDIT: Nevermind. Found the answer i was looking for.

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