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What kind of cable for earbuds????

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So here's the story. My apple earbuds broke the other day right at the left earbud. During an accident it just tore off.

Well, i am kind of a DIY guy, so i instantly laughed the whole situation away and thought (i'll just replace the cable)




I have been using all my googleing powers to try to find out what kind of cable is used. went down to a hardware store and they suggested a small gauge unshielded two conductor cable "oh fine" i thought....when the guy presented me with the suggested cable....he gave me a big, hard, stiff and ugly one....not anyway near what i wanted... i'm talking about those soft thin and very flexible cables that comes with earbuds


So if someone know what cables are used traditionally for earbuds, please let me know. What gauge? what material? where can i get them?


The only thing i am remotely sure of is that it probably has a silicone jacket...








I've found a pretty thin silicone 2 conductor cable here:


It doesn't say what gauge, but do you think that would do? If not, can you find some other cable on that site that would?


Best Regards






Oh, if someone know of any good splitters like that one on the picture, please share. Appreciated =)

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You sure you can't fix the stock cable?

Those Farnell wires are too big.

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You sure you can't fix the stock cable?

Those Farnell wires are too big.



Might be able to do that. Thing a repair guy. I do repairs of all kinds of things for friends and others. As part of my living. I want to be able to do thin cable replacements to others than just me. Simply because i like these cables.


I've looked around on this forum and others. Audiophiles don't seems to be interested in "consumer equipment" If they want a new cable for their headphones. They take a high quality thick microphone cable and wrap some fancy flextube around it. I like that too, but my "customers" is ordinary people. Not audiophiles.



Today i asked my mentor who has been working as a studio maintenance engineer for over 20 years...and he didn't know!

So it has become sort of a personal crusade for me to find the answer to this question.


I guess the next step is to email headphone companies and ask them. If they lend me the'll probably be "special order from China"......

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I would try scavenging a cable from some cheap earphone.

Edit: Mogami 2929 wire might be small enough to build your own cable altogether.

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