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Best beats?

Poll Results: Solo HD

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What are the best beats? Dont decide by looks,because i know that,dont decid buy price because i hvae money.Decide by sound quality,leakege,isolatio and comfortability.
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The best beats is no beats.


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I've auditioned the Solo HD, Mixr, Studio, and Pro, and out of those I would say the Mixr and the Pro's are the best ones. Sound Quality wise the Pros are better than the Mixrs, but far more expensive as well. Both the Mixr and Pro's have better built quality than the Solo HD's and the Studio's and neither require batteries like the Studio's do.

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Are you actually planning on buying one of the beats or are you just doing this poll for just informational purposes?


Nonetheless, I have tried my friends solo which were just crap. The sound quality could be bested by my Shure's which are around $60. The original Beats Studio are okay at best. In comparison to my Denon AH-D2000's, the Beats get murdered in sound quality. Both the Denon's and Beats leak, the beats offer more isolation but at a price. The sound cancellation process really messes with the frequency response. Comfortability wise, they are good, although the pleather pads can get hot fast, more so than my Denon's.

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Where's "none of the above"?









Haha, joking. But really please don't buy Beats. Look into other options and save your ears from disappointment.

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i'd say beats pro, i haven't heard the mixr yet


but the fake beats studio is better than the pro because they give a balanced sound signature ;) no kidding!

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They're all pretty poor, but the Pro's are decent, just a horrible, horrible value.

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get the studios or mixrs

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