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Help deciding on new IME's

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Hey everyone,


Sorry for starting a new thread, I posted several days ago in the general guidance thread but haven't received a response and I'm in a rush to buy a new set since my last set recently broke.



I'm new to the site and forums and found it while researching a new set of IEM's to replace my skull candy ink'd buds that recently broke. I'll use them mainly for exercising, running/jogging and the use will vary from occasional track use to mainly sidewalk/road. I'll also use them occasionally while cutting the lawn. I'm looking for an in the ear pair that stays in well while running so I'm considering models that have an over the ear hook style. I'll be using them my android phone listening to mp3's of various quality, none of which are flawless so SQ is not of the utmost importance although I'd certainly want them to sound better than my previous skull candy Ink'ds. I like the idea of having an in line remote to control the volume and tracks and having a mic would be a plus.


Some models I'm considering are the Meelectronics M6P and  Philips SHS8105A/28 The M6P's look really nice for the money but it's discouraging that they were on sale at many vendors and now they're out of stock. I contacted the manufacturer who tells me they have been running low on this model  for a while now. So while I can still find them available, they more than what they were just a little while ago when they were in stock at most of their vendors.  I've looked into the Sennheiser Adidas CX 680i Sports Headset but the controls don't seem to work properly with Android devices and they're a bit pricey.


I'd like to stay in the $20-$40 range unless they is something much better for only a bit more.  I'd appreciate the input and advice of the members here in helping me make my decision. I've read several reviews of the M6p's and they look good for the money but I  can't seem to find any decent reviews of the Philips SHS8105A/28. I'd really like to hear from anyone that has any experience or knows of a review of the Phillips so I can compare them to the M6P's. They look pretty good for the money and the additional android app that allows tuning the in line controls seems interesting. I welcome any and all input. Thanks.

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Have a look at the Monster iSports too.

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Originally Posted by AstroTurf View Post

Have a look at the Monster iSports too.

Thanks for the recommendation Jim, but they don't seem to function properly with Android devices from the reviews I've read and ~$100 is a bit more than I wanted to spend.

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I could use more opinions please. I'm leaning towards the Philips SHS8105A/28 unless anyone can advise otherwise but I'm hesitant due to the lack of reviews of them online, and no mention of them by any users of this forum from what I can see.

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Originally Posted by Stereophonics View Post

Thanks for the recommendation Jim, but they don't seem to function properly with Android devices from the reviews I've read and ~$100 is a bit more than I wanted to spend.

I understand...

Android controls you say?

Have a look at the Etymotic MC2 then. Not a bad headset.

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Does anyone have an opinion on the Philips SHS8105A/28? They're cheaper than the M6P's by a few bucks, but more importantly the android app to fine tune the sound and the in line controls seems like it would work great for changing tracks and volume while running. Unless anyone is aware of a better IEM for around $20-50 that will stay in my ear while running, I'm down to these two sets as my choice. I could really use some input and need to order soon but it seems no one is familiar with this Philips set.


I would consider the Meelectronics S6 ,as I'm concerned with the durability and possible sweat issues with the other sets,  if it had inline controls but I find that to be a major oversight to lack that feature. It sure comes in handy to be able to change track and adjust volume while running.

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Ok, One more suggestion...

Sennheiser/Adidas, sweat proof w/controls.

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Hey Jim,


Thanks again for the recommendation. I don't want you to feel that I'm shooting down all of your suggestions, but from what I understand all of the Sennheiser/Adidas models that have controls are only Ipod compatible or at lease not fully android compatible. Are you aware of a model that is made for and fully functions with Android phones? Thanks again for the help, I do appreciate it.

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Hey, No Prob...

I just looked, and it appears that it offers some controls. But not all.

Sorry, Jim
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The JVC HA-FR201 would be a good one to read up on. I'm not entirely sure whether they're android friendly or not. The product page on JVC's site says they will work with android if that's any indication. \

They're pretty well in your price range.


I have the FX101 (mic-less version) and the sound, fit, and durability are all pretty good.


I don't know anything about those particular philips, but hopefully someone else on here will.

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No need to be sorry at all, I appreciate your input. I only wish more members could chime in with any info they may have on the Philips SHS8105A/28. They're made specifically for Android and have the app that allows the controls to be modified but they must be new or something because there are no major reviews of them.

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