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I am so impressed with the GD03 that I bought myself a Iphone 3gs. Making my initial 50$ investment rise to over 200$. Lol.

And when you combine the wooduo with the GD3 and 3GS combo. Perfect sound for me.


I read someone describing Wooduo like a Jennifer Lopez...pretty up top with a big/huge booty. Great if you like big booty, but not perfectly porportioned.

Well when you combine all three together you get a full bodied sound. Like a Kate Upton. Full bodied , voluptous. Has it all. Great highs, excellent mids and still a nice full bottom.


I am so excited because I have found a soundsignature that I really like.

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After some back and forth between the Wooduo 2 and xb90ex, I finally settled on the Wooduos. Just received my pair today and I have to say, they did not disappoint. Out of the box I was a little disappointed and considered returning them or selling them. On an off chance I remembered a post about changing the tips out. WOW. The difference was night any day. The fit and seal seamed correct on the original tips, but the second I switch to the double flange design, my ears were in heaven! If I could do one thing it would be to turn the sparkle knob up one on the treble. Other than that, these are quite impressive without EQ at all. Absolutely my go to now for travel and noise isolation situations. If anyone found the bass was muddy switch those tips!! They went from potential hand outs to sure keepers for years to come. 


For what its worth, I listen to pretty much only EDM and the best comparison I can make is booming yet punchy big room festival sound. 10 thumbs up for these bad boys if youre a basshead!!!

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I loved the bass response on these. Everything else was meh compared to my equalized xb90ex. And sub bass extends better on the xb90ex due to larger drivers.
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Any updated impressions against Hippo VB, Sony EB90EX, Sennheiser IE80 or Denon C300?
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Ok I love bass...I main listeners are DT770 pro 80s if that's any indication. Im thinking about getting a pair of these. With that said I still like to listen to music that doesn't have a ton of bass as well. So are these still a one trick pony or will they do ok with any type of music after some burn in?

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I just picked these guys up as an upgrade to my Meelectronics M6, and I find them quite nice. I've used digital EQs to get the most out if these IEMs, but if I had an amp, or similar, I'm sure these would shine even more. I haven't converted to the high bitrate, lossless FLAC obsession (yet), so my experience comes with the caveat that I'm listening to my phone and regular computer sources only.

The bass on these little things are quite impressive. I find the mids to be OK, but instrument separation and highs are decent. These are my first impressions! I'll come back with more as I explore these little guys.
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I just received these yesterday and the sound is quite good. The bass is excellent--the biggest bass I've heard from an IEM out of the box.


However, if I press in on either ear piece, I get a mouse-click-like sound, and pushing in on the left side actually screws up the audio. Basically, it starts getting garbled and crackles and loses about 20db of volume.


If I pull on it slightly, it fixes itself and sound great again.


This does not happen on the right side even though I get the same click sound, and I've tried about 6 different ear tips to confirm that it isn't them.


Should I send these back to Oregon, where I got them on Amaz*n, and contact HiSoundAudio for a review unit or something?


I don't want to dock them in my review if I got secondhand crap from an unauthorized seller (it was listed as new, and I'm not sure whether they are authorized or not), because they are actually in my top 3 basshead IEMs right now when they aren't jacked up.




Update: Sounds like they're willing to refund or replace. Not sure I should replace it in case they are not an authorized reseller. Hoping to get a response from HiSoundAudio (sent them an email late last night about it with the name of the company I purchased from).

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to me it sounds like youre getting some driver flex problems.  have you at all tried using some foam tips?  i find that they can help enormously with this issue.

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