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Need help choosing (fairly) cheap on ear headphones

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hi, lately i saw the skullcandy skullcrasher headphones which i quite liked the design, then i saw this site and saw all the negative comments about it. Im looking for a good pair of headphones, i am not really on top of all these makes so i came here to ask for help.

my budget is around 100 british pounds (around 150 dollars). im mainly listening to Hip-hop and metal/rock. I am mainly looking for some good bass, dont really care about the looks. if you need additional info just ask.

thanks :)

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The Skullcandies are dreadful, just don't bother with them.

I recommended the Audio-Technica ATH-M50's to a friend who wanted the same kind of thing as you, and he loves them. They come very slightly overbudget at around £120. Other options might include a pair of HD558's, Roland RH300, or a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770's.


Hell, even the XB500's could work. They are not great, but they would at least beat the Skullcandies.


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so you are favorable to the ATH-M50's. could someone give me a review of them? do they mute everything around or let the noise through?

im planning on having headphones for around 2+ years, is that possible? :D

And most important, are they comfortable to wear? im planning to go on a trip pretty soon and that would leave me listening to music for about 12 hours... apparently over ear headphones drain the battery from phones pretty fast, is that true?

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Sound leakage isn't really a problem with them, in both directions. You will find yourself fairly isolated from the outside world. He has owned them for almost 2 years already, so I doubt you will have a problem with them unless you are particularly heavy handed. My experience with them is pretty much the same. They are pretty comfortable too, and somewhat easy to run. I wouldn't recommend a phone, but they can certainly be used with them.

There are loads of reviews on here, this is a link to some reviews of the straight cable version.  http://www.head-fi.org/products/audio-technica-ath-m50s

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what do you recommend for listening to music? (portable and cheap).

I know that phones don't have a brilliant hardware for listening to music but what can i say?

thanks for help

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Not sure if this is any good to you guys in the U.S but today Amazon have these for £16.61 (normally they are £64.76) but I dont think the deal will last too long http://smartpound.com/story.php?title=monoprice-pro-dj-style-head-phones-premium-over-ear-versions-%C2%A316-61-amazon.


These are the professional over ear phones with a thick 11 foot cable and reviews say they are superb for the money, what do you think?

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