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Hello all
I recently bought some AKG (K 240 MK II) headphones, and while the sound quality is extremely amazing, they're really big, so I don't feel comfortable taking them everywhere. 
I saved up a bit, and my budget is around $100 to $120, and I'm looking for some Earphones or IEM.
The AKG say they're semi open, but I had no idea Semi Open meant that everyone in a mile radius would hear everything, Id like for my new earphones to be a little discreet if possible, even though I like my music loud.

After a little search, I noticed you guys ask what kind of music I regularly listen to, and its mostly rock and metal, with a little bit of dubstep or house thrown in. (Foo Fighters, Pendulum, Parametic).

I was originally going to just go buy the Bose earphones, because as you may know, Bose is a great brand for us unaware people, but upon reading a bit I dont think theyre as amazing now. (Thing is, I can get them real cheap, for about 75 bucks)
After a bit of reasearch I think my options would be those Bose Earphones, the Monster Turbines if I can get a deal, and some Shure brand earphones, which everyone seems to love.

I'd love to get some help, and thank you in advance