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HiDiamond power cords

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Has anybody tried any HiDiamond power cords?  They are an Italian company and not that much information available.  I have heard that they sound great, but wanted to get some first hand opinions.




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I've their USB cable, impressive.


I would like to try their other cables, but not easy to get.

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Here ya go- I found a website that sells them:

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I just tried whole bunch of their power cables + diamond 8 ($1450) rca interconnect through local dealer. My current jps labs digital ac + supercoductor + dh labs revelation... i am going to put them all up for sale now. These made my magnepan 3.5 sing like no other component upgrade ever did. Excellent timbre, transparency, imaging, separation, sound-staging you name it. Improvements were noticed in almost every possible area. I just could not believe how much veils were lifted on my system.
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