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For me, it's clear as daylight, are the SR325 brighter than other Grados?, YES, are they too bright?, YES and NO, obviously the answer to that question will be different depending on who you ask. And the reason that the answer will vary are the same not only for headphones, but for every audio components. Upstream equipment, hearing acuity, musical preferences, and, last but not least, personal tastes, are all contributing factors that together will either work for you, or not.

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Hey Guys,


I am here to simply be maybe the odd guy out throwing in my 2 cents.  For me the SR325i's are simply amazing.  Maybe im not the best person on the subject as I have not had the budget to buy better but honestly I cant imagine anything better.  People always say the 325's are harsh and hard to listen to, but I have had mine for many a year now (8 or so) and think the same as I have always thought...  they are awesome, amazing, fantastic and wonderful.  As for shrill I just don't get it.  They do pronounce the bright hyperactive quality but shrill is hardly a word id use to describe their sound.  Instead I would use lively and engaging (isn't that a good thing?).  As for depth, when bass lines hit, I find them to be EXTREMELY deep.  Deeper than any set i've ever tried before or since.  What I like most of all is it seems they not only go super deep, but they also prove to hold it together crisp and clean and not at all flappy.  I remember when got the grados I was using some high end Bose headphones I had gotten...  obviously there was little to compare quality wise, but I do remember the bass being both lower (deeper), louder and more clean by miles than the Bose.  I remember how distinctive the high's were even when the bass was deep and low simultaneously.  The bose would seemingly shatter whatever hi's were happening while the bass was hitting.


I like to listen to all sorts of music and have never had an unpleasant experience with my Grados.  So I guess what I am asking is what do you guys mean by "shrill".  Am I missing something?  Do my ears not work right?  Did everyone here saying they are shrill give them ample time to burn in?  I'd love to understand what it is I don't understand because for me, the SR325is are the pinnacle of awesome audio.


Personally I love my SR325i's...  Why do people love to hate on em?



Probably because the return in sound quality is (in my opinion) not justifiable for the increase in price over the SR225/SR225i.

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