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Great read / review / impressions on new Denon AH-D7100's

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I already posted this in the Denon appreciation thread, but for anyone that doesn't wander their way into there I figured I would post it here.


Found this very interesting writeup on the new AH-D7100's with listening impressions before during and after burn-in. It also seems to have more info about the new design and all than I have seen other places. They look to be very good yet again and besting the AH-D7000 in this guys opinion. I would love to hear a pair of these eventually.


I also like the blog from what I have read and picked up some good music suggestions from tracks that they have used to test with in different reviews. :)



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I can't figure out if these things have leather on them, or pleather, protean leather, etc..

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Please tell me this is not true. Im disappointed with Denon design team. 


Thanks for sharing this article. 

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yeah, they are not as horrid as the orginal pictures to come out, but look quite different from the current ones, but we'll have to see, I dont think the 7100's are too bad looking compared to the other two models they are supposed to be releasing also...at least it seems they kept the mohagony (although most is covered up) on the 7100's

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Are these semi-open like the ah-d7000?
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ROFL, the guys says "The D7000 is a truly balanced and neutral sounding headphone..." normal_smile%20.gif  "and the D7100 really shows those same qualities out of the box."



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The font hurts my eyes.

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Well I hope they sound absolutely amazing.  They will have to to get anyone to buy a pair looking that horrendous.

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I don't think that they look great. Ironically, I find that my d5k is the "best looking" pair of hp's that I own. But then I'm not that concerned with the look when I buy a hp. It's all about the sound...isn't it. Unless you're looking in a mirror or are concerned about how "you look" wearing them it really shouldn't matter. 

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I wear my headphones mostly at the office and get a kick out of when people come over and make fun of my gigantic headphones (especially when I had the  AD700's). I now use my D5000's almost all the time...I am really interested to hear how the new models sound though..I don't think the 7100's are too ugly compared to the rest of the lineup...but don't like the price

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That review doesnt really explain much other than endless complimentary phrases...


Really the writing style of that review is terrible and sounds more like an advertisment made by the Denon PR department then an objective review of the headphones.


I guess we will have to wait for some proper impressions of the headphones... Hopefully they are as good as he says repeatedly.

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I wrote that review sir.  If you say it is nothing more than complimentary phrases, then that is your opinion.  I have had the privilege of reviewing other headphones I try to give a neutral bias since many actually have stated I am quite balanced in all topics I focused in and on.


But thanks for the comments none the less.  I will further refine my writing technique since I am not a writer but a IT Professional and Caltech Physics Researcher plus Tenure Professor/Researcher at University of Hamburg, Germany.

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Sorry About that.  I have updated the page with a new font type

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Thanks for referring my blog site.  I am the only one writing and reviewing the content listed.  I am basically reviewing what I have in my collection since other reviews out there in regards to the systems that I have aren't quite as comprehensive let alone informative.  

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Uh, yes it does to my surprise.  Mind you though, my set is the pre-production company sample.  I think that the official production model may be different.  Won't know until others have had the opportunity to try or buy.  Personally, I prefer the D2000/5000/7000 style over this newer design.  It is both a matter of taste and class/elegance.

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