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Advice on amp/dac/HP's for travel

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Hey guys, I was asking around the recommendations thread and didn't get any feedback so I figured I'd try again. I'm wondering if anyone could throw me a few suggestions to help me sift through choices. So I'm currently away from my home setup of the headroom desktop amp/dac and Audio Technica w5000 for a long time, and I'm trying to find a somewhat more portable setup to use for the next year or so. The current plan is to spend about $500(Can go higher if I need to) on a portable dac+amp+headroom combo. 


For an amplifier, I built a cmoy amp from jds labs earlier this year as a little project, so using that would be ideal but not a requirement.


For a dac... I really have no clue where to even start looking at portable dacs.


As for headphones, I've tended to really like audiotechnica headphones in the past, but I am by no means attached the the brand. I tried a pair of Beyerdynamic dt770 pro's, but everything besides the bass just seemed so dull. I definitely prefer closed headphones so that my co-workers and fellow commuters don't have to listen to my music.


My favorite types of music are generally ambient/IDM, Classical, Various Japanese artists, and pretty varied electronic stuff.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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So if I understand you want a closed isolating hp that you can commute and be at work with...plus a portable amp and dac? $500 budget?


Noticed that we both live in Atlanta!!

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Yea, that about covers it. For the DAC/amp, I guess my definition of portable is that it is small enough to be transported in my bag with my laptop easily. A pocket amp would be kind of neat, but I can always just use my Cmoy in that case. 


Atlanta is my usual residence, but I'm actually living pretty far away from there for the rest of the year.

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