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k551 is the same as the k550 in size, it just has an inline remote and mic. If you have a small head look at another headphone. If you wear glasses and have a small head deffo not a recommended purchase. A decent seal is required to get any kind of bass.


im looking for a thin detailed analytical headphone. my 940 broke. i dont think i'd want t70p for pricing reasons. so... my choice goes to k550. they dont sell it where im at, they only have k551.


i read 1 or 2 reviews abt k551 saying that it has diff. sound than k550 particularly on the mids... i also read someplace else that k551 is basically (replacing?) k550, or an update k550...


so um.... is there anybody here who've owned both? is it more similar (or the exact same), or is it night and day differences?


googling doesn't yield a very good result in terms of comparison....


btw thanks for replying... ps: i dont really care abt bass. i like thin sound just fine...

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From what I know, the K550s and K551s sound about the same.
I found the cable on my K550 too long for portable use so I ended up braiding it and it is now just over 1m instead of 3m. I didn't want any extra volume control so that is why I didn't go for the K551s.
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I just saw k550 on the tv show White Collar. One of the actors was listening in from a mobile surveillance van...using our favourite accurate closed cans! Season 6-Episode 1-Actor Sharif Atkins.

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I have the chance to buy a pair of these headphones for approximately $122,5 after conversion. They are used, but in fine condition, there are no aesthetic defects on them and they are perfectly functional (owner claims he's had it for a year and only used it once or twice a week, but only to listen to a few songs on each occasion). My question is if you would recommend me this can for this price, which I believe is quite a bargain (well, at least where I live it still costs $220 in a retailer) or are there now cans that are better in this price category? I don't really want to spend considerably more, but if there's any reasonable upgrade for a slight rise in price up to around $150-$170, then I'm fine with that. 

I predominantly listen to progressive rock, progressive metal, classical music, rock 'n' roll and instrumental stuff, like Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree, Transatlantic, Anathema, Neal Morse, Dream Theater, Rush, Haken etc. etc., just to name a few artists. Not into electronic music or rap etc. From what I managed to gather from the reviews is that this pair excels at managing clear, acoustic instruments, drums, vocals with having a slightly withdrawn bass. These are all excellent for my taste, they pretty much represent what I'm looking for, but I'd also like to know how they fare when, say, a progressive metal song turns into heavy, distorted, gloomy and so on or they turn on lots of effects on the guitar, the synthesizers, a lot of background effects etc. I'd love to hear some of your views in connection with that. Does this pair manage to retain its excellent sound quality even when it comes to music that uses lots of effects, distortion, relay and all the fun stuff you can imagine with modern music technology? :)

Oh, and one more thing: do you recommend any external amplification to this? I mainly plan to listen to it from my PC to which I have an Asus Xonar DG sound card. What do you think, will that suffice or do I need extra amplification to get out the most of this little baby? :) 

Okay, one last thing (really, this time!). Is it a bit pointless to buy closed headphones for home listening? I mean, I might take these on the road sometimes, but not too often I believe. So if I want to listen to music in my room, would it make more sense to approach open headphones? Yet, from what I've read from the reviews, this can has also excellent soundstage, so is there really any point in forcing the issue?

I will listen to these at the weekend, but I'm trying to get as much feedback beforehand to refresh my knowledge.


Thanks a lot in advance! 

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