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Well, I will say it again.  Everybody post the weekends in October and November where you would be available to get together.  We will find a weekend that works for all of us.

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As long as we avoid the holidays I should be good any weekend with this much notice.

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Open after the first two weekends in October.
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hope I can make it on the weekend you decided on. I am 5 hours away though , so , I am not sure


but if anybody is in St Cloud area and wants to meet,  I will be more interested, thats about 1/2 way between the two locations


Hope you guys have a great time!

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I'm definitely interested in this. I believe I'd be able to make it on the 29th, but not 100% sure right now. I spend many weekends at the cabin since it's still nice enough to get work done, but I think after this weekend we're done for the season. I don't have anything too spectacular, but I have Grado SR225i and Ultrasone PRO 900 that I would bring with me. I'm sure I can bring my father's Sennheiser HD414, the classics from the '70s @ 2000 ohms. I can bring my E7/E9 combo as well, if anyone wants.

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I could probably make it, any weekend really in october and november - weekdays would be almost impossible however as I work 60-70 hours/week.


Right now I have a pair of hifi man he400's, a Channel Islands VDA-1 and VAC-1 and a custom made SOHA. I also have a bookshelf speaker set up that I could lug out of the basement if someone interested

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How about the 3rd week in October, I'm able to do time off requests.

2 weeks is more than ample time for anyone who would want to get together to plan.

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I'm available pretty much any weekend! I live in the SW metro. Today is the 29th... wish there was something going on!! I have some DT880 250ohms and a Fiio E17 I could bring. Looking to try out some HD600s...

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The third weekend in October would be fine with me. 

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Should be good for me, too. Assuming it's on the weekend.

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So, did this meet go down? I've been extremely busy as of late :(

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Not that I know of. I wanna get together with you guys and geek out over audio equipment!!!
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I'm interested as well. I'm in Minneapolis.


EDIT: Available any weekend in November.

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My friend and I are fledgling audio enthusiasts, and we'd be interested in hitting up a meet and auditioning some good stuff. Obviously, we'd bring our own stuff for others to demo too. We're open the third weekend in November, and most any week day.

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Up! I'm down

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