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None whatsoever, unless you had 60 of them and returned them, using the refund to buy an HD800.

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Or a bunch of pills and some cheap booze... biggrin.gif
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Hi All,


great thread OP, thank you for this very informative post and discussion.


but I am going to go against convention and try to bring out MORE sub-bass and rumble on this headphone.


long story short, my first IEM was an Meelec M6, I purchased it based on great reviews on this forum, and thus I think I got accustomed to the sub-bass heavy signature of the M6/M9 IEMs.


later on, I acquired other head-fi equipment based on recommendations on this forum: Meelec M9, monoprice 8320, Fiio E11, Philips SHE3590, JVC HA-FX101 and Monoprice 8323.


However, even with my iphone 5S set to "bass boost" and Fiio E11 set to EQ2 with High Gain, the monoprice 8323 cannot generate enough sub-bass and rumble for my liking when listening to rap and hip-hop.


thus after digesting info from this thread, I want to try the following, in an attempt to bring out more sub-bass:


1. enlarge the side cup vents (step 4 from OP's 1st post)

2. poke and clear out the driver vents/holes (step 5, the holes that OP covered up half of them with micropore tape)


is there other mods I can do to bring out more sub-bass?






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Better sealing pads will go a long way.

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I have two questions for you Armaegis that will hopefully help me out in trying to mod these.


1. What would happen if you covered up those 3 white crescents? (I'm not sure what their function is)

2. Do you happen to know what screw size is used?

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Those white crescents are breathable paper. If you cover them up, you're basically taking much of the cup out of the equation and it will probably kill the bass and likely change up the upper frequency response.


Sorry, I do not know what the screw sizes are.

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Thanks, guess I'll have to mess around some to figure out what I'm going to do about the screws.

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Did you lose some of them?

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No, I'm trying to use them to mount something onto the headphones to allow for large diameter ear pads, but I found out they were too short after I already made it.

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Post pics!

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