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Is there anything comparable to the Headstage Arrow on the power to size ratio?

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The Headstage Arrow is as thin as a FiiO E5 (without the clip) and the footprint is smaller than an iPod Classic. It can run any 600ohm or less phones, IEMs pose no problem whatsoever. Has a claimed battery life of around 80hr when in low power, and 30hr in highest power mode. Has a boatload of features and weighs 75 grams. My favourite amp easily, if not for all the aforementioned, then simply because it isn't a brick.

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I don't think you can get any thinner than headstage arrow. For the overall dimension, it depends on what mp3 you are using. It is hard to suggest an amp without knowing what mp3 and headphone you are using. Also the price range you are looking for.

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Never owned the Arrow but I've owned the TTVJ Slim, and it sounded amazing with everything I own. It's got a decent footprint too. Nothing I have is as demanding as the LCD-2 though. Still, you might want to research it. Maybe it'll work for you.

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Well theres the pico slim and p-51 mustang rsa both small,strong,and sound good.Your requests are a bit unrealistic.

These are two choices I would second.   You could also add Ray's RSA Shadow to the mix.

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Pico slim all the way, I have owned many portable amps and only keep the Pico slim.
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Fiio e12 without doubt
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i see no reason the rsa sr-71b cannot be called ''truly'' portable. and its F ing Stupid powerful.

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