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TE8802 (asynchronous DACs) on Linux and Squeezebox Touch supported? (With Triode's App for the SBT?) - Page 2

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Request Linux-Compatibility from the product responsible with this sampel mail!!!


To: info.chiu@gfec.com.tw !!! Let's do it EVERYBODY! This might help!!!


Mr. Info Chiu is product responsable at Galaxy Far East Corp, the producers of the TE8802


Sample Text:







TE8802L: Please provide full Linux-Compatibility for asynchronous mode


Mr. Info Chiu


Dear Sir

I own a recent DAC that incorporates a TE8802L - Chip as a USB interface.

However, I was unfortunately disappointed, when I wanted to use it, to listen to music from my Linux-based computer. There was a compatiblity issue, and the manufacturor of my DAC could not provide for any suitable drivers. It seems, that they are not yet developped for the TE8802L.

This does not only concern myself. There is a very large computer-audio-using community using Linux-based systems, who would like to connect their DACs in Asynchronous Mode, by Audio Class V2.0. You can easily confirm this by reading in forums where some consumers of hifi-equipments exchange their experiencies.

Other asynchronous interfaces connect to Linux natively and work flawlessly.

This concerns not only computer users, but as well the large community of Linux-based "Logitech Squeezebox Touch" users, who want to use the optimal quality by using the USB port for the asynchronous connection of a USB DAC (with the "Enhanced Digital Output App")

I hope, that you will soon provide asynchronous USB compatibility for Linux, in cooperation with the Linux developer community and the Logitech Squeezebox developers.

I thank you very much in advance for your attention and your efforts in providing a largely compatible USB Audio Class V2.0 interface, and I am looking forward to your answer.

Sincerely yours!



I did it. Let us know it here, when you did it, too! THANKS!!!

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Request Linux-Compatibility with Arthur's alternative to-the-point words:


Mail it to the TE8802L - responsible:



"Mr. Info Chiu

There are many enthusiasts (audiophile) media players with Linux-based firmware. Support for external USB DAC's is now common. Asynchronous mode TE8802L Linux drivers will help ensure success for the future of GFEC semiconductors. Thank you for your consideration.



(Arthur's original post here!)

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Update: Info Chiu from gfec replied!


He will probably send me a testing flash file, that shoud allow to make the audio-gd board with TE802L on it Linux compatible.


I will let you know about the outcome as soon as I have the chance to test that all and to try to hook it up to my Squeezebox Touch.



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Originally Posted by ursdiego View Post

My order from Kingwa will be shipped all together, which means, the two TE8802 upgrades for my DACs (Ref. 9 and Fun), and the DI-DSP. However, the DI-DSP was a preorder, and it is still not manufactured I guess... But when it arrives, I'll post my findings here.



Are you able to comment on how the TE8802 upgrade works and sounds in the Audio-GD Fun? I've got a Fun, and I'm considering whether it would be worthwhile to upgrade the USB. (I use the Fun connected to a PC running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.)

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Support has been added for the TE8802 (specifically for Teac UD-H01 DAC but should work for all) in linux kernel 3.2.21. Ubuntu i12.0.4 isn't there yet (3.2.0). Is anyone in a position to test the TEAC with the latest kernels ? I want to get one but would like to confirm it works first!


I'm going to use it with the OpenElec OS for raspberry PI which has the patch in already (but you need to build it yourself).


Alternatively, as mentioned above this can also be fixed on the chip. It was confirmed as a bug in chip behaviour but the fix in the kernel was put in anyway.

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Should have said, if anyone can even test this with the TEAC on current Ubuntu 12.04 LTS I can probably knock up a new usb driver with the patch in it, might be a few days untill i can get round to it. 

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Just an update, seems that Triode has already applied the patch i mentioned, as well as extra modifications of his own to make this work. This is great for SBT which has a static kernel but unless the chip manufacturer fixes this I'm going to get a dacmagic 100 as i don't fancy maintaining a patched version of the kernel for every linux variant i use!

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The manufacturor has a "Trial Firmware" that can be flashed onto the TE8802L - based USB input modules. One has to ask them kindly... For me, this worked for 44.1 and 48k - Files. Here is the contacts: http://www.gfec.com.tw/contact-us . However, it did not work for higher frequencies.


So, the solution might be to insist on them: Ask for a FAST solution for Linux. More people ask, the faster they will react.

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I bought an audio gd dac with a tenor TE8802l chip inside.

Unfortunately it doesn't work whith my MPD server on linux (archlinux).

I had the same error message.


I wrote an e-mail to audio gd. They told me that gfec released a patch for SBT and they told me that they will make one soon for linux compability.


I sent another e-mail to gfec.... no response yet.


I'm really desapointed for now.


I give you the gfec answer as soon as possible.

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What sound card have you got in your server? If it has SPDIF output, you could use that in the meanwhile.


There's no need for being disappointed. You could lend a hand by testing what other people come up with. Check posts 21 and 22 by channelzero. If I had a TE8802 device I'd be excited to help the community add support for it in Linux. wink.gif

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I understand you. 

I listen music whith this dac on another pc for the moment.


My server only have a USB 2 for connecting a DAC that's why I have to connect it by this way.

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Teac A-H01 confirmed on the squeezebox.

Method as per:



Oh my god..... Sound clarity, bas respons, resolved detail is improves a lot!!!

When I first got my Squeezebox Touch and the TEAC A-H01 DAC/AMP (+ Taga F100 speakers) using RCA was sounding nice.

Then optical and coaxial sounded even better by bybassing the touch dac.

Now through USB a tear came from my eyes whilst listening to The Cranberries - Twenty One.

The Ken I****awa Ki Pearl SACD rips revealed so much more sounds to me now. Even my wife noticed it, and that's saying something!

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I forgot:


Ursdiego and Triode:

If you guys would be audio gods in the old Greece Mythology I'd follow you beerchug.gif and share a pint of beer (Heineken that is).

You guys RULE !!

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Hey Beefy, I'll get the beer! Where???


However, its Triode who merits the two of them, he did the whole programming working around the manufacturor's bugs...



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