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That looks great... what part/number did you use for the 3.5mm jack?



thank you.. The jack I used was a Philmore No. 504K.. I bought mine at the local Fry's store.





HOWEVER:  fair disclaimer.. looks wise I'm pretty satisfied..but it is a bit kludgy if I'm honest..   the jack is meant to go thru and then be secured by a nut on the out side.. I didn't want to grind down the cable exit and so the jack doesn't really stick out of the hole at all, let alone far enough to use a nut.   I secured the jack using epoxy which seems to be holding quite well.      


The other issue with my approach is that the Sony's have very small about off clearance by the cable exit.. so having the 3.5mm jack flush mounted where mine is will be a challenge depending on the connector size of the 3.5mm cable you want to use..     honestly you will almost certainly wind up with wear marks on the earcup below the 3.5 jack.   I am using a 6ft Kabeldirekt cable atm.. which fits (but does rub on the earcup.. however this seems to make the cable less prone to pulling out. =p







I'm happy with my results.. but I feel like the above should be mentioned.. it is possible I may try to find a different jack or give up and grind down the cable exit bit to all securing the jack with the nut..   with the jack sticking further out cable clearance would be improved.

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Originally Posted by sonymdr750611 View Post

Here's the album:

Sony MDR 7506 Bluetooth + Detachable Cable + Beyerdynamics Pads Mod


Pictures in random order.

Time it took me alltogether: 4 hours.
Average soldering skills required, used a 3$ soldering iron from the Dollar store. Make sure to use flux, it makes everything easier!

Female aux from B&H Electronics in NYC for 3$
Beyerdynamics from same store for 23$. Turns out Amazon with shipping is often more expensive! Buy locally and support biz where you live!
All cables from old 3.5mm aux cable.
Drilled holes with drill nad drilling machine.
Used this bluetooth adaptor and took it apart: http://www.ebay.com/itm/3-5mm-USB-Bluetooth-Wireless-Receiver-Audio-Music-Adapter-Car-Home-AUX-Speaker-/201210654465?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2ed916ef01

Listening time: Around 6 hours. Could take a larger battery as there is much more space but I don't really mind, I charge them every night when I go to bed.

Sound quality: I sealed any possible holes with glue. Blind test of right/left with a couple of my friends, nobody could tell the difference. Can't tell the difference myself, bass/treble sounds exactly the same to me.

Definitely worth it. Bluetooth headphones are so much more comfortable to wear, now I really loathe cables. And the beyerdynamics mod ... of course...

FREAKINAWESOME!! When you took apart the bluetooth receiver did you just take it out of the plastic housing? How would you add an external mic?
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I finally got around to doing this. I am happy with it, though I need to touch up where my file scratched the paint a little. No biggie, these are my knockin about headphones anyway.



I used radio shack part# 274-0249. It has a very solid grip on the plug.

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