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Aurisonics ASG-1 Version 1.2 Released

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Aurisonics, Inc. has released a revision to the ASG-1 series Generic Fit Digital-Hybrid In-Ear Monitors. As of today all new ASG-1 units will be shipped with revision 1.2. With this revision we have modified the internal porting which enhances the low mid and sub low frequencies. A different type of rear speaker anti- resonance material has been added  which tones the mid frequencies down a bit as well as smoothes the high frequency response a bit more in the 6-15k range. A minimal filter has been added to the nozzle to reduce mid frequencies a bit further and smoothes the overall tonal response. The result is a more refined sound signature for a wider range of use.


Prior to making a decision to release the revision we tested with many of our music professionals to ensure the change was not going to have an adverse effect on that market for us. We additionally tested filter combinations with many in the head-fi community to get a consensus on filtering. The end result is only about 1/3 of the filter material many have tried is installed in the nozzle. Revision 1.2 addresses what has been referred to as "shouty" as well as other areas to give a smoother response without losing the detailed mids that make the ASG-1 a clear choice for music professionals. As always we recommend you EQ to taste as they take EQ very well. Additionally, a right ear red and left ear blue dot has been added to the body to avoid confusion for proper ear installation.


Many people are very happy with the ASG-1 the way it is. The installed update is available for those who have previously purchased the ASG-1 and would like the update. The modification is, however, invasive to the unit and may require us to replace the body of the monitor and/or the transducer. Thus any burn-in may be lost. This revision cannot be reversed to a previous version.


The cost for the update is $20 US which includes US mail service back to you in the continental United States. International shipping is not covered in this update fee and will be charged at the quoted rate for international shipping back to you via USPS international priority mail. If you wish to have your set of ASG-1 updated please contact us at in-ear@aurisonics.com for details on how to send them in and for payment information.


Spectrum change information can be viewed from our facebook page.

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Great job on the rev 1.2!

I would change the font of this post though :)

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^Agree on the font biggrin.gif

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I think he copy and pasted from somewhere.  

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