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Hi Folks,


Any reviews yet on PSB m4U 2 Noise cancelling headphones?



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Had a rather quick listen to it at a local store yesterday. Build quality looked excellent - not as flashy as many of its NC-counterparts. Running it in both passive, active (amp-mode) and NC-mode. Amp-mode is btw. def. the way to go as far as SQ is concerned.


Ever so much better at what it tries to do than its rival (Beats, Bose etc.). Listened in quite noisy conditions, but even in passive mode the NC ability was excellent. Very well isolated... A slight V-shape in the sound but still within what I would describe as "true HiFi" (no "Loudness effect" in other words). NC-mode does hamper SQ somewhat, but that's just because Amp-mode sounds so excellent in comparison.


Using some Lossless-files from my IPhone, the M4U 2 mediately brought a smile to my face as I was treated to a very engaging and vivid presentation of my favourite tracks. I will definately be back for more - they are quite expensive, but given their allround capabilities I would seriously consider them as a substitute for my Shure 840 as far as the need for a closed circumaural is concerned. 


BTW: Local (Norwegian) site Lyd&Bilde scored it five out of six stars (Special recommendation):





- Dynamics

- Balanced/open sound

- Build quality



- NC-mode reduces SQ

- Size/weight

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Interesting review...

Big fan of Paul Barton and the NRC (ever notice how many good speakers come from Canada?)
Seems like a fair amount of innovation at this price point. Would be curious what a review from a head fi'ier would be like comparing the M4U 2 to not only the noise canceling usual suspects but cans like HE 400, Senns, etc.
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I am looking for closed back phones I can use in the office (low leakage). In addition I would love some noise cancelling phones that cancle airplane noise like the Bose but actually sound really good (unlike the bose). Did anyone get to compare the niose cancelling to the Bose qc15?

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I listened to these at a high end audio store along with several other high end cans.  The PSB M4U 2 is the best I have ever heard for portable listening- clean sound across the spectrum with a strong and punchy (but not overpowering bass).  These are very well designed and the sound blew me away.

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Hi folks, anyone able to check these headphones, don't see much love for this? Need to know how the noise canceling is and the sound leakage for use in office,plane?
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Originally Posted by pattanbd View Post

Hi folks, anyone able to check these headphones, don't see much love for this? Need to know how the noise canceling is and the sound leakage for use in office,plane?


Here are two links that try to answer that question. The crutchfield link has a multi brand comparison and the other link in addition to a full review of the PSB it goes head to head with the Bose qc15. The two yield similar results: If you want best sound go with the PSB and if you want the best noise cancelling go with the Bose. Personally, I want both in one biggrin.gif





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Purchased these babies yesterday. Haven't been able to use them much so far, except from one rather short bus-trip, but will get back to you after some burn-in :)


Sure looks good though!

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Got a chance to give these a listen today. They definitely outclass the ANC competition! From what I heard, they are fairly laid back sounding, and very much like the psb Alpha speakers that I own. Bass isn't tremendous, but definitely there and articulated.

The first song I loaded up was Wagner's pilgrim's chorus, and I was a bit underwhelmed, and was hoping I wouldn't be disappointed by these rather sexy headphones. It faired better with some Sigur Ros, but it wasn't until I got to Miles Davis that these headphones made complete sense. For jazz and blues, the PSBs are brilliant! I think it's that laid back sound that just works so well with Miles and Coltrane.

Amp'd mode sounded by far the best. Set to off, I just don't think my iPhone was strong enough to properly do the phones justice. ANC mode was alright. It definitely works, but the anc hiss distracts me to no end (applies to all anc phones). The sample that I listened to had a strange clicking noise on the left channel, however. I assume this was sample specific, otherwise I'm sure it would have showed up in the online reviews.

Great sounding headphones, though. If you have $400 and are looking for a noise canceling set, definitely give these a try!
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I am waiting for my review pair to arrive.
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Listened to these in the store recently and was impressed- great range, clarity and detail.  Bass description above is accurate- present, well articulated, but not what I would call powerful.  Great overall sound and well built.

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Head-fi lurker here, thought I needed to post this since my opinion (which usually is in line with most HF comments) was 180° different than what I read about these cans.


I listened to them yesterday and to be completely honest, I was totally underwhelmed by them.  I brought my Denon AH-D2000s in to A/B them (along with Norah Jones - Little Broken Hearts on CD), and the D2000 slayed the M4U-2, even in PASSIVE mode.  The highs were not as articulate as reviews made them out to be, the mids were somewhat grainy, and there was zero sub-bass.  The song that really turned me off of them was "4 Broken Hearts".  The bass guitar starts off slamming into the lower registers while the piano beautifully tinkers on the outskirts of the soundstage using the D2000. Everything is smooth and in balance.  With the M4U-2, the bass just didn't hit my ears at all, it was cheap-sounding and shallow.  The piano was lost behind Norah's vocals and the strum of the acoustic guitar just wasn't there for me.  I would even say that my MDR-7506s (my every day headphone that I use at work) would have bested them in an A/B.


Next I tried the ACTIVE modes, and was even more upset.  There was a huge amount of hiss/white noise with the mode on, even before music was playing.  The shop had its door open (with a busy street outside) so there was enough noise to block out (the sales rep said that sometimes the microphone can get confused if there is not enough ambient noise), but I just couldn't get over the hiss/static when the amplifier portion was switched on.  Music was 100% unlistenable for me in ANC.  I can't believe I'm saying this, but the Bose QuietComforts sounded better, and I f$%^ing HATE Bose products.


I kindly thanked the sales rep (Community Audio near Philadelphia, PA) and left.  No thanks, PSB.  

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I got these last week and will try and get a formal review together.


In a word, amazing. Wait, no. Amazing sounds like one would get sonic thrills. I would describe them as unimpressive in their accuracy, meaning that they don't excite and thrill at first listen, but you eventually realize that you are listening to some very accurate and flat response/natural sounding cans.


I haven't even put the batteries for the active electronics/noise cancelling because I do not intend to use them in that manner.


Response is very even. Bass is there, digs very deep but does not bloat. It has a nice sense of power but is not goosed in order to do this. It appears when called for. Mids are uncolored and natural, as is the treble, which is whatever happens to be on the recording. On first listen, I thought the M4U 2 was a bit warm and slightly rolled off on the top. Tried another CD and there was a clear, open and slightly bright top end.


Imaging also sound a bit odd at first, but it seems the drivers are so well matched that centered things like vocals sound like they are hovering over your head. You almost get the effect that there are no boundaries (sides and top) and the music just resides in the manner that the recording specifies.


Another thing the M4U 2 specializes in is scaling....orchestras and strings sound big, music surges, ebbs and flows naturally. A total lack of any sort of compression that a headphone might do to the music.


I A/B'd against the Denon D2000, which sounded like a bloated murky mess, yet with a bright top end tacked on top of it. Yuck. The Focal Spirit One competed somewhat in the mids but was midbass-heavy. A couple of others sounded quacky in the midrange.


So it's just the first few days with them, but while I am at work, I long to get back to my PSB headphones. I can't wait to hear what all my favourite music will sound like on them.

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Originally Posted by Craigster75 View Post

Listened to these in the store recently and was impressed- great range, clarity and detail.  Bass description above is accurate- present, well articulated, but not what I would call powerful.  Great overall sound and well built.

x2.....similar 5 mins impression...i like this can. 


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I just asked the Danish importer of PSB, where I got my speakers. The M4U2 will not be available, I would have liked to compare these to my Denon AH-D2000, oh well...
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