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Cardas Ear Speakers delayed but worth the wait!

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Hello All


As many of you know Cardas Audio received an unprecedented positive reaction from the Audio Press, and yourselves this year at CES when we debuted the Cardas EM5813 Ear Speakers. Neil Gadar of the "Absolute Sound" picked these newly designed In-ear monitors as "the most significant product introduction of the 2012 CES". Grand praise indeed. We showed 2 models and planned to launch in April of this year.


As with any new Cardas product we are totally driven by our pure love of music and performance. The EM5813 is the embodiment of these values and is what Cardas has been  about since the company was founded. Everyone is jumping into this category with "me too" products and that is not something we want any part of. For the last 3 years George has been designing the EM5813 from the ground up. From its "patent pending" Ear Mirror technology to the special version of Clear cable this has been a true labor of love for George


That said due to some problems found in pre-production and some really breakthrough discoveries uncovered in solving said problems we have decide to delay the launch for several months. The new improvements George is putting in place will blow your mind.


Now I know your saying "these things are never coming out" and we would certainly understand you thinking this. The truth of the matter we see this product category as paramount to the continued growth of the "High End". With over 500 million iPods sold to date, music has once again become of daily importance peoples everyday lives and todays young person with their IPods can and will become tomorrows High End "seeker". So we take this category very seriously.


While you all loved what you heard, Georges continued tweaking and new technical revelations will take this sonic performance of this product to places you have never dreamed an "Ear Bud"  could go. After all  George has a history of vastly improving any product category he touches. Just a few months longer, it will be well worth the wait!!!



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These things will never come out. smily_headphones1.gif

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I predicted you would say that......LOL



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Your post made me do it, best part is I got to say it before anyone else. beerchug.gif

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Yeah I'm very curious to see what these turn out to be.  Cardas has a good reputation so I'm pretty excited.

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Originally Posted by rhapsodyfan View Post

So what is the MSRP? Since these are "high-end" in-ear phones. Will you be outdoing AKGs 3003s?

The initial prices for two models was $350 and $450, I believe.  Even with the tweaks, I'm pretty sure it won't be any where near the AKG3003 ridiculous (IMO) price. 


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Target retail is still $329 and $429.00. Thank you all for your patience. As I stated these have been a 3 year project and every piece has been designed from the ground up. We are very excited and cannot wait to release them so stay tuned I will let the Haed fi community know as soon as I can.

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Tell George to take his time, Andy.


From the various iterations I've heard, these will be worth the wait. 

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*waits patiently impatiently*

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Uhmmm....more waiting triportsad.gif

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I can't wait.  With George Cardas involved, with Andy Regan involved, these have got to be good.  I can't wait!


But, for the above mentioned reasons alone, these will have been well worth the wait!

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Mind blowing break throughs?  Now I don't know if I want to save up money to buy the UM Merlins or wait for these badboys.

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can you tell us anything about these devices? what type are they and what is so innovative about them?

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The things are never coming out on time. popcorn.gif

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Ugh, must have.
"ear speakers" = win
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