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Originally Posted by vid View Post

Looking at pictures of the K 50, I'm skeptical of them being open-backed.
http://www.akg.com/K50-1289.html?pid=1696#features here's their product page for the k50... Sadly I can't download the info zip file and open it right now, but I've just read that they are open back. I'm on a slow data connection... Fast enough to load sites... But i don't exactly feel like downloading files.
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The pleather pads are great. I own a pair of those too. However, for the sextett, the velour are the better match.

In general, pleather increases bass and lower midrange response while velour brings out the upper midrange and treble (on most headphones). The sextett, which already has excellent quality bass and mids, only needs a bit of help in the treble. The velour pads do exactly that (once you remove the foam backing).

I've tried dozens of pad/tuning combinations and the shure 940 velours, with backing removed, is the best sextett pad I've found.
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they made the first open back headphones in history, used passive radiators in the sextett's, then used acoustic filters for the monitors and modern studio's, created the legend that is the K1000, experimented with multiple drivers in the k280 parabolic and k290 surround sound headphones... So yes. I'd say the most inventive headphone company from the 50's-70's. Paved the way for modern cans.

I laso noticed that AKG paved the way for modern headphones but i still would use a Sextett, they are amazing.

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I recently acquired a pair of AKG K270 Studios, and although I really dig the laid-back neutral tones, they seem to be really hard to drive and I can't get any sound out of them at all without pumping the volume right up. Has anyone had a similar experience? I know sometimes the K270s have defects from age/use, so I'm hoping it's a fixable.

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I got a NOS 145/s today.



Unfortunately, the earpads and foams are disintegrating even though it was never used. Still, even with the pads and foam in that condition it sounds great so far. Hopefully I can source some replacement pads and foams from somewhere.


@NineBurgundy, the K270 Studio is a fairly hard to drive set of cans. The drivers are rated at 75 ohms each so you have to be able to drive four 75 ohm drivers.  On my O2 and NFB-15 I need to set it to high gain and between 10-12 o'clock on the volume knob.

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Any other shining jewels lurking in the past headphones from AKG?  I'm still loving my K400 and K240DF but curious about other models.

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