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A Simple <DUNU Trident DN-12> Review

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Hi fellow Head-Fi'ers,

This is my first review/picture thread, so if you'll excuse me for being new to this...


Let me start with how and why I got this IEM.


As it says in my Profile, I live in China, and I became very interested in this particular IEM, mainly because of the rave reviews it has gotten, the bang/buck value, and also the easy access to this IEM because it's a Chinese brand, but the true opportunity was when an Agent from TaoBao was having a discount on this particular product, which normally costs 200元 (30$), slashed the price 50% to just 99元, which roughly converts into just 15$, a pretty sweet hell of a deal I thought!


So without further hesitation, I ordered one, and it arrived two days later on my doorsteps, and after a few minutes of frantic opening, here it is! And what a joy it was to behold....


Everything from the packaging to the earphone is well-thought, consumer-friendly you may say, making this particular product a joy to own...


So, let's move on to the Unboxing part!





^The box the Trident came in is one of the best design I've ever seen, very well-thought, as I stated above. No cutting needed to be made, one of the easiest accessible box I've ever opened.




^The Trident comes with many features, some of them printed on the box itself



^Left=Outer Box                                                                     ^Right=Inner Box



^Left=Back of Outer Box, contains Specs, features,etc. in Bilingual (English and Chinese)

I know, I know, you all can't wait to actually OPEN the packaging and see the product, this is the last pict of the box, I promise!


Build Quality (5/5) & Accessories (3/5)

TADA! Here it is! The DUNU Trident itself!




^The DUNU Trident is made of metal, and just by touching it you'll notice that it really feels like it's a solid and sturdy piece of engineering, and will probably last a few years at least...

Very very very top notch quality build! Even IEM's twice the price sometimes doesn't have this kind of build quality



^The included items inside of the DUNU Trident

-The IEM itself, obviously


-3 Size Narrow-Nozzle Single Flange tips, 1 pair each

-3 Size Wide-Nozzle Single Flange tips, 1 pair each

-1 Size 1 Pair of Bi-Flange tips


-Soft Pleather Carrying Pouch


-Warranty Card


One minor annoyance of mine is that it doesn't come with a shirt clip, something that I think is standard for every IEM, especially an IEM designed to be worn down, not over-the-ear.


Also, another info, as you can see, my Trident is using a straight I-plug, but the newer batches will have a 45 degree plug, which seems even more sturdier, although I prefer and I-plug, simply because it better suits my needs wink.gif



^Everything from the Patent Pending Cable Wrap, the Y Splitter, to the Color Coded Blue for Left/Red for Right is well designed, I like this particular design and wish every other IEM has this, as it's very easy to see the color differences, rather than looking for an L/R marking


Another minor annoyance I should point out, is that the cable-wrap, while useful when storing the IEM, can't be put out of the way while wearing it, so when you're using while walking, it'll just dangle/flap around there



^Last but not least is my love for the Y-Splitter.... what seems to be an ordinary Y-Splitter, turns out has an important and hidden feature, which is a chin slider! This is one of my favorite feature, really subtle when isn't in use, beautiful beautiful design!


Now to the SQ part


Source: 4th Generation iPod Touch


Sound Quality 4/5

Now, here is where I haven't had much experience in, being just into head-fi for a few months, so I'll just try to explain the best I can


The sound can be described as warm, focusing on the lows & mids, but treble isn't what I'd call recessed, just not the focus of the presentation.



Bass is punchy, deep, but not so much to call it boomy, I'd say just a little bit too much for my taste, but be warned, I do not like a lot of bass, for the common, the bass can be said to be "Just Right"



Mid is not too forward, but not far away, although the bass seems to be more the focus of the presentation, the mids aren't too far behind either, but lacks clarity when compared to similarly priced IEM's like the Visang R02



High is good, despite the lack of treble emphasis, just a touch dark, I might say



Here is where bang/buck IEM's performs worse IMO, and the Trident is also a victim, lacking in depth and width, just as any other IEM's in this price range, but don't be let down, IEM's do perform worse overall in this category, even top-end IEM's can't even begin to compete with full-size headphones, their design just isn't meant to be good at soundstage overall


Hiss & Sibilance

No hiss/sibilance to speak of here...


The Trident also isn't hard to drive, performing well, loudly enough from my iPod Touch


Conclusion & Value (4.5/5)

It's really hard to find fault with this amazingly great value IEM,

For merely 30$, or 15$ in my case, you get a well-designed, well-built, and a hell of a SQ for this price bracket...

It just needs to be said, this is one of the best IEM you can get for the price just by SQ alone

Add that to the fact that it is also has one of the best build quality in it's price bracket, I really put an emphasize on this, the attention to detail just astounds me, this is a very solidly built IEM, especially for only 30$, competing with my 100$ HiSound Crystal


And you get a winner, performing amazingly in SQ and build, this will be my top-favorite recommendation for Bang/Buck IEM in years to come

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DONE here,

please post your impressions if you got the time,

Thank You for just viewing it biggrin.gif

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