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Originally Posted by Blackford View Post

I own the DT770 pro 80ohm  and ATH 50's- I don't go near the ATH's anymore--I plan to give them away to the next homeless person I meet and think of worth. 

I gave mine to my sister. They were crushing my ears, literally. Couldn't wear them for more than 2 hours without pain, very uncomfortable.

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Originally Posted by oscillator View Post

ill will be plugging them into my macbook pro and also casually listening on my iPhone so i would prefer something with less than 80 ohms.


In this case you'll need hps around 35ohm, and the K-240/271MKll are @ 55 ohms. Some external sound cards/DAC's with hps output can help with the extra juice to drive the AKG's.

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FA-003s? Not sure on how well they do vs EDM (don't remember actually) but I can vouch for FA-011s, though they're open-back. FA-003 is (I believe) just a more neutral can. FA-011s sound amazing for EDM. And I can say they sound loads better than M50s, but yeah they're open back :P. Personally didn't like the M50s much; I didn't feel any bass / heard barely anything present. I HAD to bass boost it in order to even hear it, though it might've just been me..

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Just bought the ATH M50S i think they suite my preferences the best, they come in 8 or so day. Thanks for all the help.  :D

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