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Beyerdynamic DT 990s Treble

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Does anyone else have these headphones. I read around and everywhere people are saying that the treble is pretty bright but doesn't venture into sibilance. Well I just bought them and WOW they are VERY VERY sibilant to my ears.


People from this topic: http://www.head-fi.org/t/204237/help-dt990-treble-suddenly-harsh-after-a-short-burn-in/45


are saying that theirs aren't sibilant and even a few people who don't like high treble say these are ok and aren't sibilant. Are mine broken and should I replace them?


Edit: I should also say they are the pro versions 250 ohm.

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I am listening to mine through my m903 and they sound great in the treble.


What track do you want me to test?


How compressed is the music you are listening to?


Try this track:

The Skatalites - [Ball of Fire CD1 #06] Eastern Standard Time


or this one


The Beatles - [1 CD1 #13] We Can Work It Out


Clear as a bell in the treble to my ear.


I am guessing it is either your source material or your DAC / Amp.

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Those sound sibilant as well. Also try Boom Boom Pow by the black eyed peas, vicarious by tool, and even Massive Attack - Angel. Or Massive Attack - Tear Drop (in their trebbly parts anyway)


Also I'm listening to flac recordings through my computer headphone jack, my bose speaker headphone jack, and through the Fiio e9 and e7 combo DAC Amplifier. It seems to make no difference.

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Beyers can sound sibilant to you if you're used to other headphones. Rule out hardware/recording issues and then give your brain time to adjust. I needed a lot of time (months?) to get used to the T1 (was using DT880s before) and don't really hear the sibilance anymore that annoyed me to no end before.

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I've burned these thing in a bit and i've been listening to these things quite a bit. Any "s" sound that comes through is ear piercing to me. I usually like my music loud, but even when its not loud the treble on these things is extremely noticeable and distracting...maybe i'm just really sensitive to treble and didn't know it?


I do however like the crystal clarity of these cans, but I wish they had a bit more oomph in the base and were more forward sounding (maybe i should have gotten closed cans lol)

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So in case I do want to turn these back in and get some other ones which headphones in the $300 or less range are very forward sounding with great bass and crystal clear sound? and not as bright. If these are any indication I guess I don't like "Bright" headphones. Maybe more warm sounding.

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Beyers aren't for everyone. I really like the 990, but I also understand why some people would find them painful. Sennheiser might be a better brand choice for you, and I've also heard the Hifiman sound is pretty mellow. Just stay away from Ultrasone.

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I've also heard very good things about the ATH-M50s. They pretty warm sounding and punchy?


Also I didn't mean to get this off topic lol I'd still like to hear what else people have to say about the 990's

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I used the windows media player equalizer and put a very slight emphasis on the low end and lowered the right-most few sliders a bit and it helped a lot. I can live with them now that my ears aren't bleeding...they sound great now, though I'm still wondering if they're defective...



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could my audio codecs have anything to do with it by any chance. (at this point i think its obvious that I know nothing...)confused_face%281%29.gif

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I have the DT880 Pro and I don't find them harsh, but I'm also coming from Grado SR80i's. They are smoother than the Grados, I can turn them up louder without harshness.


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I read around before I bought the 990s and did hear that they were bright...brighter than the 880s on the high treble end and better with bass, which I didn't mind because everyone was saying that they weren't sibilant, which is most definitely untrue for me. Even the bass isn't quite as good as I pictured it being. I 'might' end up keeping these anyway though but so far im a little disappointed :(


Any thoughts on the Denon AH-D2000? I looked around and a few people said they were warmer. Can I get anymore confirmation on that?

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I bought some used DT990 Pro 250-Ohm off eBay and received them yesterday (Tuesday).

I think (guess?) I can hear the sibilants your talking about, but I like the "favor" of the headphones, open headphones with thump.

But I'm going to test with some Blu-ray movies.

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DT990 is one of those headphones that you either hate or love. You have to go in with the understanding that there is significant treble emphasis.

I'd pair them up with a tube amp that rolls off treble considerably.
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I have the DT770 and, after burn in, really like them.  They started out just a little sibilant, but after about 50 hours, settled down nicely.  I took them over the ATH-M50 mentioned above.  I'd like to hear some 990s to see what the difference is, but don't have anyone near me that deals them.  If you happen to live near a guitar center, you could visit and try out a bunch of different models that go up to $300 or so (Senn, Beyer, AKG, Sure, Beats :-) ).  I spent an afternoon with everything in the pro audio center and walked away very happy with the 770 Pro 80ohm.

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