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COWON Z2 - The complete Review (from Izzi going)

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Hey everybody!


I'm so sorry, but I worked a lot for the last few days and almost didn't have time to read your posts and to write the review. Sorry, I'm quite new here ;)


I will try to make a complete review about the new Cowon Z2 and I will also try to start from the very beginning: some facts about the Internet Site I bought it from (Exportprive.com).

Please excuse me, if my English is not that great...



The new Z2 rocks like a king! No, I am not trying to convince myself or you guys, but I did once tried the D3 for 2 days and I immidiately sent it back! This time, the Z2 is gonna stay for few years around ;)


So, first a big applause to the korean Site: Exportprive.com. I paid 270 Euro and wanted it to be ASAP in Munich, Germany, then I paid some extra 30 Euro to have 3 days after - and so it was!  THANKS A LOT FOR THAT!


Well, first thing I wanted to know was: The sound! I just turned this small beautifull piece and plug it to my UE-18 (Ultimate Ears 18...) and started to smile and laugh like a small kid...it sounds 'delicious'! It sounds great! The BBE and all the 'rest' of 'goodies' (all the EQ and etc..) from COWON can only promise you the best sound that someone can expect from an Mp3 player today! So to all the ones who wonder if the Z2 has a better sound then the J3 or D3 (I never tried the J3, but I did try the D3), I can only say: It sounds fantastic like the D3. I don't think I can write to much about it, since it can change from earphons to earphones and from one to another, but for all the people, who knows COWON, know exactly about the sound quality from this company...


Performance: Turn it on...same as a normal smartphone, it takes something around 20 Seconds to be 100% prescent 'on' and now I'm talking even with the 'scan' and etc....(most of the scan **** with the D3 cause me then to send it back!). The few seconds of scan (around 20 Giga Music I Loaded) are every time someone turn on the Z2, but it is really fast and takes 20-25 seconds untill the scan and the Z2 is ready to go! No worries about that issue. Turn it OFF is exactly like every Androis phone...takes also few seconds...

VERY IMPORTANT: When I loaded 20 Giga to the Z2, it took around 45 Minutes!!! Quite fast! Scanning the music (only once when you add a new file or more) took around 3 Minutes!!!! (WOWWWWWWWW, comparing to the D3!!). No problems with this issue as well!

Ok, now I really became to be suspicious....everything works fine untill now...let's turn on all the other features (including the music player, Internet and etc.). I tried the internet WIFI - Works fantasic. Fast! The touchscreen works wonderfull as well and has all the Android features ( I won't write here about the android system, since you can read all about it on the net, just can write it works really great!). I continue to the video peformance: Works smooth and the colors are amazing! No problem in this issue as well. Also no problems with the black levels, like it was on the D3.

I opened the music player: Listened to music, moving from file to file, song to another, Album to the other...everything works cool. smooth and I adore the fact that I can just open the Music as a file like a normal computer system.

What else? ammmm let me think, well I didn't really try to Music iwith Z2 for 20 hours, but I think that if you will only listen to Music, you will probably reach the 20 hours, but listening to music, surfing or just playing with the Z2 will slowly 'kill' the battery time, same and normal to an androis smartphone on the market.


Earphones from COWON? Forget it...buy yourself some nice in ear monitors... ;)


So, last thing I also wanted to write is: The shape, the form and the design of the Z2 are really great. It's very easy to hold and feels quite confortable. Very solid (Plastic and Metal together!)

Power Button react like a normal android smartphone. The Z2 has also very easy buttons for the volume, play, rew-fwd.

All the rest: HDMI: Still didn't test it. Micro SD - Works wonderfull and the scan is easy as well. No problems in this issue as well.

Line out : Sorry guys, you need to help with that...should I connect it through the earphones plug to my home stereo to check it??


So dear fans, let summit it like that: Cowon did it at last! The Z2 works fast (yes, I can say it loud!). It is stable. The Video quality and playing is great. Sound is fantastic, same as always in Cowon's Mp3's. It looks great and it has a descent battery life. I don't want to be sound like an adverstisement or like someone who has an interest to write it but: This is (for me) the best Mp3/4 right now...


Well, I hope that I could help you with all the information I wrote. I am still quite excited, since it is a great change for me since the last try with the D3 and off course my good old CREATIVE Zen Xfi (can go to sleep now...).


Any questions??

I will try to write again tomorrow...sorry, but here in Europe it's around 2:25 AM :)




Izzi going







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Thanks for the impressions Izzi, looking forward to more news. 

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Good job Izzi!  beerchug.gif

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Just a couple things I would like to know:

How loud is the external speaker?

What are the earphones that come with the player?

Is there a "sleep" mode?

Thanks a lot - nice review!

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The earbuds that come with a Cowon are garbage. It was mentioned in his review.

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Hey again!


The external speaker is descent. No, it's not a big Radio speaker, but it's enough for me.

The earphones that comes with the Z2 are the cheapest one. Not even their in ear earphones. They are sucks...

Yes, there is off course a sleep mode, since it is a an android basic thing, same as in their smartphones.


Please feel free to ask more, I hope to load some videos in the future.




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nice review! would like some pics of the pmp...

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Do you mind doing a video showing us the device hardware(buttons, back, ect)?

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only thing I wonder is, if the Z2 can play RMVB smoothly with rockplayer or any other video player.......

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Hey again,


About videos and pictures...it can take a while, since I am quite busy, but I will do my best to finish it this week for you guys.

@ IxxI : What is a RMVB ?


Best wishes


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Thanks for the review.  2 things I'm curious about: does the default music player have gapless playback?  And, since it's only available in Korea right now, is the UI only in Korean or can you switch it to English?

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Here's the definition bro: RMVB

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Originally Posted by nieh View Post

Thanks for the review.  2 things I'm curious about: does the default music player have gapless playback?  And, since it's only available in Korea right now, is the UI only in Korean or can you switch it to English?


You can change the language to English...it's an android program in it.

Can you send me a symbol of the gapless playback? Maybe I will find out how to do it myself.





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Originally Posted by nywytboy68 View Post

Here's the definition bro: RMVB

Can you please send me a link, where I can download an examplar of this, then I would love to try it on the Video player.

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I don't know if there's a symbol or setting for it.  I know the J3 just does gapless by default, but the D3 couldn't for whatever reason unless you installed a 3rd party music app.

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