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Originally Posted by vid View Post

Usually about 2 am is when I get an urge to experience this or that pair of phones. Then I get lost in the music and it's 4 am. Which is fine.


Originally Posted by stereorob View Post

late at night, around 2 or 3 am, when the house is dark and the neighborhood is quiet, i load a reel of something on my akai gx-255 and crank my marantz 18 or 2285 to illegal levels. :)

Another 2 am guy right here, cheers beerchug.gif

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Post-work listening is best for me, when I'm tired but alert, my mind doesn't wander and I can just kind of enter the music without getting distracted. When I get really into it, I can listen like that for hours without a care in the world. I like to listen late at night, but my mind races a little more.

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Anytime is good time...but, in the morning while I'm drinking my french roast and surfing Head-fi

ranks right up there.


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Very early morning ~5:00AM or late at night ~12-1:00AM.

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Recently the big rig only gets fired up after work on occasional week nights for an hour or two, or on weekends, also for an hour or two.  Definitely don't get my money's worth out of my rig.


But I've been taking my HD800 to work off late and it's working out quite well.  

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I usually like to listen later at night, but my favorite time might be early in the morning when I can manage it, with a good cup of coffee.

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Right now seems pretty good.


Good sandwich, beers, at peace.  Perfect.



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I used to be the Rep in Texas and I have a pair of KOSS MODEL ONE for sale.  please contact me if you are an interested buyer...  call john @ 713-937-6462...I have pictures:  beerchug.gif   

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Before bed. I absolutely adore nights because of it. I lay in my bed and have the fan on me. Ah, its heavenbiggrin.gif

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Almost always from about 2100 to 2330. Don't know why, it just became a habit.
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Same habit here - late in the evening, after 22pm

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